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Lyrics to Darshan Raval’s most popular song ‘Tera Zikr’ with meaning in English. Abhishek Sinha is director of music video starring Darshan Raval & Malhaar Rathod. Sourav Roy is producer of music. Read now, translation of full song lines scripted by A.M. Turaz.
Tera-Zikr-darshan raval lyrics translation

Song Name: Tera Zikr
Singer(s): Darshan Raval
Lyrics Writer(s): A.M. Turaz
Music Director(s): Sourav Roy
Actor(s): Darshan Raval, Malhaar Rathod
Record Label: (P) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.



Abhi abhi to mile the, Phir juda ho gaye,
We had just met. And we are separated now.
Kya thi meri khataa, Tum sazaa ho gaye,
What was my fault? That you turned suffering (or punishment) for me.

Mujhe khone ke baad ik din,
Tum mujhe yaad karoge,
After losing me forever, You would miss me someday.
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse,
Tum fariyad karoge,
And then you would pray to see me.

Mulaqatein adhoori rahi,
Our meetings were incomplete.
Mukammal karunga yeh waada raha,
I promise that I will complete them.

Tanhaiyon se bhi main teri,
Baatein karunga yeh waada raha,
I would talk about you to desolation too.

Tera zikr jisme huaa na ho,
The moment you are not part of,
Mere paas aisa lamha na ho,
May I never have such memories.

Maine jisme tujhko maanga nahi,
“The pray I hadn’t asked you in,
Mere lab pe aisi duaa na ho bakhuda,
May I never have such prayers,” by God.

Mujhe khone ke baad ik din,
Tum mujhe yaad karoge,
After losing me, someday you would miss me.
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse tum fariyad karoge,
And then you would probably beg (or pray) to catch a glimpse of me.

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