Tere Bina Lyrics – Monty & Waris Ft. Ginni Kapoor

Tere Bina Lyrics – Monty & Waris Ft. Ginni Kapoor


Team Monty & Waris returns with a heart-rendering song ‘Tere Bina Lyrics’ whose music video is directed by Parmish Verma featuring Ginni Kapoor.Basically ‘TERE BINA’ is Punjabi romantic song which Monty – Waris provide their vocals for.The lovely song is produced by Desi Routz and the person behind writing beautiful song is Deep Arraicha.

Song – Tere Bina | Singer- Monty & Waris feat Ginni Kapoor

Music- Desi Routz | Lyrics- Deep Arraicha | Dop- Robbo

Presentation- Babbu Kocher | Project by- Babbu Kocher & S.Mukhtiar

Co -Producer- Babbu Kocher & BS Mann | Post Production Studio Movie Down

Asst Directors- Dimple Bhullar & Sukhan Verma | Make up & Hair- Rajjan

Stills – C-Raw Photography | Editor- Monty

Concept-Screenplay-Direction- Parmish Verma | Speacial Thanks – Vivek Tulli | Label- Speed Records.

You can read here Monty – Waris new Tere Bina song full lyrics with verse to verse English translation.


Faida le na nazaij soneya
Je tu jaan gaya sadi kamzori
Ho tu te sachi rabb ban beh gayon
Tere hath ch fadaati asa dori

Dar-dar na maaran takkran
Jede hunde ne mureed iko dar de

Je tere bina sarda hunda
Kahton minta teriyan karde (x2).

Dear, don’t take advantage,
If you aware of my weakness,
Really, you have considered yourself a God,
I have given my life in your hands,
They don’t go door to door,
Who are devotees of one,
If it was possible without you,
Why would we entreat you.

Eh bahane busy- boozi hone de
Jine kadna hunda ae time kad da

Ho jeda yaar piche lag janda ae
O lokan pishe fer kade naiyo lagda

Tainu chaunde bas taan ni bolde
Nai taan dandaan thalle jeeb kahnu dharde

Je tere bina sarda hunda,
haan kahto minta teriyan karde,
Je tere bina sarda hunda kahton minta teriyan karde.

These excuses of being busy…..
If somebody wants to make time, he does,
Who follows his true love,
He never listens to people,
We love you that’s why we don’t debate,
Or else why would we regret,
If it was possible without you,
Why would we entreat you.

Kahto rus-rus behna aein,
Ve tuttiyan de dukh chandre,
Ho tuttiyan de dukh chandre,
Kahton tut tut paina ae,
Tut tut paina ae.

Why you get angry?
Sadness of broken love,
Why you shout at me,
Shout at me.

Ho tere chit chete vi ni sajjna,
Ho tenu paun de layi ki ki gawa leya,

Ho mud ohde na kalaam kiti na,
Tu sanu jide nal bolno hata leya,
Tu jo kahiya sir mathe manniya (x2),
Tera mudd to rahe aan paani bharde,

Je tere bina sarda hunda,
Kahton minta teriyan karde (x2).

Dear, you have completely forgotten,
What else i have lost to get you,
Never spoke to the person you forsake me to,
Whatever you said, i happily accepted,
From the beginning I’ve been obedient to you.

Ho khare utraange har bol te,
Paawein suyi wale nakke cho langha lawi,

Par ‘Deep’ Arraichan waleya,
Mar jawange na doori kite paa layin,

Tenu shar-e-aam kahiye apna (x2),
Hath jorde aan aine joge karde,
Je tere bina sarda hunda,
Kahto mintaan teriya karde (x2).

We will make happen your every word,
Even you demand for hardest,
But ‘Deep Arraichan,’ We’ll die without you,
Please don’t make distance,
Could say you openly ours,
Beg you, please make me capable of it,
If it was possible without you,
Why would we entreat you.