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“Tere Layi,” or “Ve Kyon Tur Gaya,” is a poignant Punjabi song that touches the heart with its soul-stirring lyrics. Sung and penned by the immensely talented Nirvair Pannu, this song is a testament to his prowess as a singer and lyricist. The song, ‘Ve Kyon Tur Gaya,’ was recently transformed into Sidhu Moose Wala’s voice using artificial intelligence and is circulated on social media.

tere layi nirvair pannu lyrics ve kyon tur gaya

The lyrics of “Tere Layi” convey a deep sense of yearning and loss. They are a heartfelt expression of a girl’s emotions as she longs for her beloved to return. Each word is laden with raw, unfiltered emotion, making the listener feel the weight of her solitude. Lines like “I had written your name for you, but you didn’t read it” evoke a sense of missed connection and unfulfilled promises.

Nirvair Pannu’s vocals are the driving force behind the song’s emotional impact. His voice carries the pain and longing embedded in the lyrics, making it a truly moving experience for the listener. The authenticity of his delivery adds to the relatability of the emotions expressed in the song.


Tere Layi Main Jo Likheya Si,
Tu Padheya Ni Nava Apna,
Akhan Ne Hor Koi Takeya Nai,
Haye Jacheya Nai Sava Apna,

Main Sambheya Ae Rakha Kajj’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae Kalleyan Chad’ke,
Nale Lai Gaye Ae Ve Jind Kadh’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae Kalleyan Chad’ke,

Oh Adat Si Teri Bhul Gayan,
Hovega Tu Batan Kariyan,
Odon Katheya Ne Hath Fadh’ke,
Akhan Padhiya Akhan Padhiyan,
Ve Kyon Sutda Ae Ape Chak’ke,

Je Tu Keh De Main Man Lunga,
Ae Kufra Nu Ae Duniya Hi A
Teri Khushbu Nu Chakehya Si,
Tu Daseya Si Ae Duniya Hi A
Main Rona Ae Gale Lag’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae Kalleyan Chad’ke,
Nale Lai Gaye Ae Ve Jind Kadh’ke,

Ishq Vich A Kuch Ho Janda,
Main Suneya Si Main Padheya Si,
Oye Ki Kariye Ho Gaya Ae,
Main Kareya Nai Main Kareya Nai,
Main Mangeya Si Palle Ad’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae,

Khaure Kis Mod Nu Mud Gaya Haan
Main Tur Gaya Ha Main Rul Gaya Ha
Tere Moh Nal Khadeya Si Main Bhareya Si,
Main Dul Gaya Haan
Pyara Koi Ni Tethon Vadh’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae Kalleyan Chad’ke,

Masle Jo Ne Oh Hal Hone,
Oye Ajj Hone Ya Kal Hone,
Main Mar Jana Ya Har Jana,
Na Jhal Hone Na Thall Hone,

Kithe Rakhda Yadan Dabke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae,

Main Akheya Si Guse Hoke,
Oh Moh Mera Oh Nafrat Nai,
Main Muk Java Najar Lag Je,
Oye Par Meri Eh Hasrat Nai,

Ki Kar Sakda Aape Dasde,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaye Ae Kalleyan Chad’ke,
Nale Lai Gaya Ae Ve Jind Kadh’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaye Ae,

Je Tere Nai Kise De Nai,
A Javange Hami Tan De,
Main Rab Maneya Si Sach Tainu,
Tu Rab Banke Mafi Tan De,

Bhavein Rakhle Kale Dabb’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae, Kalleyan Chad’ke,

A Haase Jo Rehan Hasde, Ehna Nu Main Jalna Ae,
Hun Dukh Nu Gabru Karke,
Main Palna Ae Main Palna Ae,
Main Gam Kude Haye Rajj-Rajj’ke,

Lokan Akheya Bada Mainu,
Haye Bhandeya Ae Te Vafa Main,
Ohna Da Ki Koi Dukh Ni,
Ve Tu Apna Ve Tu Na Keh,

Kiton Das Je Koi Hal Lab’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae, Kalleyan Chad’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae,

Ve Sun Nirvair Tere Karke,
Tere Layi Main Apa Hareyan,
Mera Kujh Ni Sachi Sudh Ni,
Ve Jo Vi Ae Tera Kareya,

Main Bhul Gaya Haan Hase Rakh’ke,
Ve Kyon Tur Gaya Ae,
Main Kafir Ha Meri Galti,
Main Manda Haan Main Manda Haan
Ya Tu Mil Je Ya Maut Mile,
Main Mangda Ha Main Mangda Ha

Main Muk Jana Akhir Thak’ke,
Main Muk Jana Akhir Thak’ke,
Akhir Thakke Akhir Thak’ke,


The music video, although simple in its execution, complements the song effectively. The visuals of a girl traveling through desolate landscapes mirror the desolation in the lyrics. Nirvair Pannu’s presence in the video, strumming a guitar and pouring his heart into the performance, adds a personal touch to the song.


“Tere Layi” is a gem in the Punjabi music scene. It’s a song that doesn’t rely on flashy visuals or extravagant production but instead draws its strength from the purity of its lyrics and the depth of emotion in Nirvair Pannu’s voice. It’s a song that resonates with anyone who has experienced the ache of separation and the yearning for a love that seems lost. For those who appreciate songs that tug at the heartstrings, “Tere Layi” is a must-listen.

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Track Name Tere Layi
Singer(s) Nirvair Pannu
Lyrics Writer(s) Nirvair Pannu
Composer(s) Rb Khera