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“The Tholvi Song” is a delightful addition to the Malayalam family drama “Tholvi F.C.,” set to hit theatres. Directed by George Kora and starring Sharafudheen, Johny Antony, and George Kora, the film’s trailer promises a dramedy featuring a quirky and dysfunctional family. With Asha Madathil, Althaf Salim, and Meenakshi Raveendran in pivotal roles, the movie offers an entertaining and heartwarming experience for the audience.

The Tholvi Song lyrics Tholvi F.C.

Karthik Krishnan wrote the Tholvi song’s lyrics, which reflect the theme of the movie. The song beautifully captures the spirit of resilience and determination to overcome failures. It speaks of the familiar feeling of losing in a game but adds a unique twist by making it an integral part of the story.

The song’s composition, also by Karthik Krishnan, is catchy and relatable, making it a perfect fit for the film’s narrative. The music is an essential element in conveying the emotions and struggles of the characters, and this song seems to do so effectively.


Evideyonnilum Illa Mattam,
Thottukondirikkum Nammalethra Praashyam,
Win Cheyyanam Ennathullilulla Swapnam,
But We Don’t Know How Ithenthu Kashtam,

Undo Adiyum Pidiyum Illatha Divasam,
Someone Please Tell Me, Jayikkanulla Rahasyam,
Tension Enthinaanu Bro?
Cool Drinks Undu, Have Some,
Soon Everything Will Be Awesome,

Morning Chaayayaayi Vannu Enne Vilichu Mummy,
Schoolil Povaan Madi, Njaan Fever Ennum Paranju Thummi,
Mummy Paranju, Don’t Act, Athu Kettu Njaan Chammi,
Then I Thought Of How My Crush’s Name Is Nimmy,

Kilikal Uyare Parakkum Pole Njangal Pongi,
Maths Homework Cheyyaan Marannu,
Melle Njangal Mungi, Athintedaykkavalde Chiriyil ,
Melle Njaan Mayangi,
Appozheykkum Tenshanellam Neengi,

Oo Elalau Varsham Birthday Aavaan Kaathukaathirunnu,
Gifts And Surprises Allam Vaangaan Rediyaay Ninnoo,
Toor Pona Timil Daddy Pocket Money-Um Thannu,
Allam Theernnu Njangal Kaalippokketumaay Vannu,

Bhamgiyulla Naalukal Marannupoyi Novukal,
Onnaaychernnu Haappy-Aayi Pokum Njangal,
But Still Videyonnilum Illa Mattam,

Thottukondirikkum Njangalethra Praashyam,
Win Cheyyanam Ennathullilulla Swapnam,
But We Don’t Know How Ithenthu Kashtam,

As we dive into the lyrics, we can sense the undercurrent of hope and optimism despite repeated failures. It touches upon themes of dreams, success, and camaraderie. The line, “It’s my dream to win, but we don’t know, what a pity!” encapsulates the essence of the story, where the characters yearn for victory but continue to face challenges.


The song’s lively and upbeat tune creates an atmosphere of nostalgia, reminding us of those carefree days and the simplicity of life. The lyrics take us on a journey through various phases of life, from childhood memories to adolescent dreams.

Title The Tholvi Song
Movie Tholvi F.C.
Singer(s) Karthik Krishnan
Lyrics Writer(s) Karthik Krishnan
Music Composer(s) Karthik Krishnan
Actor(s) Sharafudheen, Johny Antony, George Kora

The film Tholvi F.C. promises to be a must-watch for its engaging storyline, relatable characters, and spirited song. We can look forward to a heartwarming cinematic experience that resonates with the audience. The song is a perfect introduction to the film’s world and sets the stage for an entertaining and touching family drama.