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Main Ohde Pichhe Maraan Jag Jan Da
Ohi Ni Par Mere Layi Marda
I’m madly in love with him, the world knows, but he still doesn’t love me at all.

Kade Es Phul Te Kade Os Phul Te Yar Mera Titliyan Varga
He’s on this flower sometimes, and he’s on another flower sometimes. My loved one is like a butterfly.
Kade Es Phul Te Kade Os Phul Te
Yar Mera Titliyan Varga Yar Mera Titliyan Varga
At times, he’s on this flower, and at times, he’s on another one. It’s like my sweetheart is one of the butterflies.

Oh Pata Nahi Ji Kaun Sa Nasha Karta Hai
Yar Mera Har Ik Se Ab Vafa Karta Hai
Not sure what kind of intoxication he consumes. Nowadays, my beloved is faithful to all.

Oh Pata Nahi Ji Kaun Sa Nasha Karta Hai
Yar Mera Har Ik Se Vafa Karta Hai
Don’t know what intoxication he’s consuming. Presently, my beloved is loyal to everybody.
Chup Chupke Bevafaiyon Vale Din Chale Gaye
Ankhon Mein Ankhein Dalke Daga Karta Hai
The days of him deceiving in secret are gone. Now, he looks in the eyes while he scams.

Ve Main Jan Di Tu Mere Nal Nibhani Ni Koyi
Teri Pyas Mitavan Main Pani Ni Koyi
I know you’re not going to continue with our relationship. I’m not the water you need to satisfy your thirst.
Mere Samne Hi Tad Da Aein Hor Kudiyan
Agg Lake Sharam Da Parda
Right in front of me, you’ve been stalking other girls. You burned the cover of shame.

Kade Es Phull Te Kade Os Phull Te
Yar Mera Titlian Varga Yar Mera Titlian Varga
Sometimes he is on this flower, and other times he is on another flower. It’s like my sweetheart is one of the butterflies.

Ohdi Akh Ch Suraj Ae Te Agg Da Badal Ae
Mainu Lokan Ne Samjhaya Si Jani Te Pagal Ae
In his eyes, he carries the sun and the clouds of fire. People have been trying to explain his craziness to me.
Main Fer Vi Mardi Rahi Ohnu Pyar Kardi Rahi
Oh Neela Peela Surma Naiyo Khoon Da Kajal Ae
I still kept loving him and adoring him. The color on my eyelids is not kohl; its blood.

Mainu Paun Layi Ve Ron Valeya
Kithe Pyar Tera Ve Chaun Valeya
You used to cry in order to get me. Where’s your love now, oh, lover?
Tainu Jan Di Na Jani Ve Eh Duniya
Je Jan Da Koi Izzat Ni Karda Haye
The people don’t know you, Oh, Jaani. But if you’re known to someone, he doesn’t respect you.

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Titliaan Song Details

Title of Song: Titliaan
Vocalist(s): Afsana Khan
Star Cast: Harrdy Sandhu & Sargun Mehta
Songwriter(s): Jaani
Music Director(s): Avvy Sra

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