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Tom and Jerry Lyrics with English Translation – The Punjabi song “TOM & JERRY” with likable voice and Punjabi lyrics of Satbir Aujla has released recently. Checkout the meaning of song verses in English also.




Niki-niki gall nu vadhayi rakhde,
We keep create problems out of every situation.
Chauwi ghaintey khapp-khaana paayi rakhdey,
24/7 we just keep debating,
Ik-doosray nu karke shudaayi rakhdey,
And make each other go crazy.

Tenu saah na lain dindi,
I don’t let you settle down,
Mann’di aan yaara ve,
I agree, dear.
Par ik gal pakki ae,
But one thing is certain,
Tere bin aonda ni saah,
That I can’t live without you.

Ve Tom and Jerry jeya
Like Tom & Jerry
Tera-mera ae rishta,
Our relationship is,
Gall-gall te larhde aa,
We tease each other. Irritate each other.
Unjh pyar vi bathera
But also love a lot and can’t live without each other.

Khit-mit khit-mit rehndi chaldi,
Arguments are usual to happen between us,
Kithon gal howe pyar di,
How could we talk about love.
Ve tu yaran nal time jeya tapaa laina ae,
You spend your time happily with friends,
Main TV toovi dekh saardi,
While I just have to watch television waiting for you.

Satbir tu agg warga,
Te hoya rehna ae,
O poet (satbir) your temper is on fire always.
Tainu khon ton dardi main
I am afriad to lose you
Ve chup kar jaani aa,
That’s what makes me keep quiet.

Vay Tom and Jerry jeha, tera-mera ae rishta,
Oh dear, this relationship of ours is like Tom & Jerry
Gall-gall te ladhde aa, unjh pyaar vi bathera,
We fight over small things but also love a lot.

3 saal ton relation ch appan ve,
We’re in relationship from past three years,
Kade katheyan na keeti koi snap ve,
But never took a picture together.

Meri chunni channa teri pagg nu,
The duppatta (scarf) of mine,
Hundi naiyo haale tak match ve,
Never matched your turban color.

Pind Karji wale ve, basi aa tere layi,
I have resided in village Karji for you.
Tainu shad ni sakdi main, tu aadi ae mera.
How could I ever leave you. You are my bestie.

Ve Tom & Jerry jeya
Tom and Jerry alike
Tera mera ae rishta,
Our relationship is
Gal-gal te larhde aa,
We fight over small matters,
Unjh pyar vi bathera
Yet there is so much love between us.

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