Toxic Song Lyrics – English Translation – Badshah, Payal Dev Ft. Ravi Dubey & Sargun

Let’s read the English translation of Badshah’s Toxic song lyrics filmed on Sargun Mehta & Ravi Dubey. Badshah sings the Toxic track lyrics with Payal Dev. Get the meaning of Hindi verses.
Badshah Toxic Payal Dev Ravi Dubey Sargun Mehta lyrics English translation

  • Song Title: Toxic
  • Singer(s): Badshah, Payal Dev
  • Lyricist(s): Badshah
  • Music Composer(s): Aditya Dev
  • Released on: 25 May 2020



Jab Tu Nahin Tha Yahan, Toh Gam Nahin Tha,
Adat Teri Lagne Tak Sab Kuchh Sahi Tha,

When you weren’t here in my life, I didn’t have any grievances.
It was all right before I developed the habit of having you around.

Aya Tu Zindagi Mein Banke Sitam Sa,
Han Ik Sitam Sa.

You have come in my life like an injustice.
Yeah, it is like oppression!

Ik Tere Pyar Ne Aise Diye Zakham,
Na Hi Toh Jee Sake, Na Mare Hain Hum,
Your love has brought me wounds that couldn’t let me either live or die peacefully.
Ik Tere Pyar Ne, Aise Diye Zakham
Na Hi Toh Jee Sake, Na Mare Hain Hum,
It was your love that brought me wounds that didn’t allow me to live or die peacefully.
Ik Tere Pyar Ne.
Your love!

Jis Din Pehli Bar Dekha Tujhko, Kosun Us Din Ko Main,
Kyun Ladte Ho, Iska Jawab Doon Kin-Kinko Main,

The day I saw you for the first time, I curse that day.
Why are we fighting? Who else will I have to answer this?

Ankhein Chehre Mein Dhas Gayi Hain, Koi Raunak Nayi,
Lagta Hoon Psycho Milta Hoon Jin-Jinko Main,

My eyes are puffy, my face has no shine.
Everybody I meet assumes I’m psychopathic.

Chhoti Chhoti Bat Pe Ladne Ka Mann Kare,
Jis se Bhi Miloon Main Jhagadne Ka Mann Kare,
Rehti Ek Anxiety Si Chaubees Ghante Marne Ka Mann Kare,

I want to fight over small things.
Whoever I meet, I feel like I want to fight with him.
I feel depressed all the time, I feel like I don’t want to live any longer.

Kyun Hai Itni Gandagi, Na Tujhko Pata Na Mujhko Pata,
Kuchh Toh Bacha Hai Kya Tere Mere Beech Mein
Tu Ye Mujhko Bata!

Why is there a lot of negativity between us?
You don’t know, neither do I.
Was there something left between us? Tell me, please.

Main Tujhse Pyar Karna Chahta Hoon, Par Aur Nahin Ho Pa Raha,
Ankhein Sookh Gayi Hain Meri, Aur Nahin Ro Pa Raha,

I want to love you, but I can’t go on with our relationship any longer.
My eyes have dried up, I can’t cry anymore.

Chahta Hoon Ke Ansu Ayein, Aane Band Ho Gaye Hain,
Tujhko Jate The Jo Raste, Sare Band Ho Gaye Hain.

I wish I could shed tears, but the tears have stopped falling.
The paths that led me to you are now closed.

Ladna Bhi Main Chahta Hoon, Khaake Kehta Hoon Kasam
Is Bahane Apne Mein Kuchh Toh Rahega Kam Se Kam,

I want to fight with you, too, I swear.
At least this way, our relationship will remain alive.

Tu Mujhko Gali De, Mujhpe Chillaye, Mujhpe Cheekhe Tu,
Ladke Ghar Se Bahar Jaye, Main Aun Tere Peeche,

You would give out abuses and yell at me.
You would leave the house and I would come after you.

WhatsApp Pe Mujhko Aur Meri Family Ko Block Kar,
Mujhe Gandi Gandi Batein Bol, Khud Ko Room Mein Lock Kar
Main Khadkhata Rahun Darwaza, Aur Tu Khole Na,

Block my family’s and my contact on WhatsApp.
Curse me and lock yourself in the room.
I’d keep knocking on the door, and you wouldn’t open it.

Main Kholne Ko Bolta Rahun Aur Tu Kuch Bole Na,
Tune Ye Kiya Toh Main Ye Karlunga
Hum Chillayein, Dono Ko Ik Duje Ki Phir Galtiyan Hum Ginvayein,

I’d keep asking you to open the door, but you’re not going to say anything.
If you do this, I ‘m going to do that.
Saying this, we’re going to yell at each other and make each other know our mistakes.

Thak Kar Phir Rote-Rote-Rote Dono So Jayein,
Kyun Na Hum Ik Duje Se, Phir Anjane Ho Jayein,
Chhoti Chhoti Batein Ab Andar Se Khane Lagee Hain,

And then, after getting tired, we’re going to sleep crying.
Why don’t we just set ourselves apart and forget each other?
All these little things are killing me from the inside out.

Jane Meri Ab Mere Andar Se Jane Lagee Hai
Dono Mein Negativity Har Din Ane Lagee Hai,
Pehle Pyar Aya Karta Tha, Ab Ghin Ane Lagee Hai.

I am losing my life.
The negativity in our relationship is worsening every day.
I used to love you earlier, but now I hate you.

Ik Tere Pyar Ne Aise Diye Zakhm,
Nahi Toh Jee Sakey, Na Hi Mare Hain Hum (x2)
Ik Tere Pyar Ne!

Your love has given me wounds that will not let me live or die peacefully.
Your love!

Badshah – Toxic Music Video Ft. Payal Dev, Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta

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