Turr Chaliyan Lyrics Translated to English – Akhil Sachdeva

The mesmerizing track “Turr Chaliyan Lyrics Translation” boasts of Akhil Sachdeva’s soulful vocals and features Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat’s wedding journey. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of love, devotion, and commitment between two individuals who are deeply in love.

Turr Chaliyan Lyrics Translated to English Akhil Sachdeva
Title Turr Chaliyan
Vocalist(s) Akhil Sachdeva
Lyricist(s) Akhil Sachdeva
Producer(s) Akhil Sachdeva

The Punjabi-Hindi lyrics of the “Turr Chaliyan” song, translated into English, express the protagonist’s intense love for his beloved and his willingness to dedicate his life to her. The song touches upon themes of commitment, companionship, protection, and care. The lyrics evoke a sense of passion and devotion, emphasizing the transformative power of love.


Door Aasmano Mein, Rabb Ke Deewano Mein Bhi,
In the far skies, among worshipers of the divine
Mujhsa Na Koi Main Deewana Tera,
There is no one like me, and I am madly in love with you.
Chale Tujhe BandhKe, Sanson Ki Woh Dor Se,
Le Chalu Wahan Pe Jo Thikana Tera,

Allow me to bind you with my breath and transport you to your desired location.

Main Bhi Tareyan Ton Suljhi, Doli Beh Ke Aayi Aan,
Jag Nu Bhula Ke Main Tan Teri Ho Gayi Aa,

I, too, crowned with stars, have arrived riding a palanquin, forgetting the world and becoming yours, my dear.

Tenu Vi Pata Hai Sohne Sajna Deewane Mere,
You also are well aware, O’ sweetheart,
Main Vi Tere Pyar Mein Teri Jogan Hogayian,
I have become a devotee of your love.

Sari Jindri Tere Nal Tur Challi Aan,
I will spend the rest of my life with you.
Din Shagna Wala Par Kar Challi Aan,
I am celebrating my special wedding day.

Sari Jindri Tere Nal Tur Challi Aan,
I am committed to spending the rest of my life with you.
Din Shagna Wala Par Kar Challi Aan,
I am celebrating our wedding day, a day of great auspiciousness.

Madhaniyan Haye Ve Mere Dadheya Rabba,
Kinna Jammiyan Kinna Ne Lai Janiya,

Madhaniya! Oh, Almighty God, who gives birth to a daughter and takes it with him?
Ho Gayi Hai Meri Tu, Han Tujhe Sambhal Lu,
You have become mine, and I will take care of you.
Tu Bhi Hath Mera Bas Thame Rakhna,
Just take hold of my hand.

Ban Jogi Tere Nal Tur Chaleya,
I am becoming your company as we stroll together.
Main Vi Tan Tere Nal Chaleya,
I, too, am walking with you, my darling.

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Turr Chaliyan Music Video

The “Turr Chaliyan” music video features Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat from their wedding. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt song about love, devotion, and lifelong commitment. The lyrics and vocals beautifully capture the essence of enduring love that transcends boundaries and stands the test of time.

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