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Ajooni is a television drama series in India. The primary actors are Shoaib Ibrahim and Ayushi Khurana. It is being produced by Frames Productions in collaboration with Prem Entertainment. The show premieres on Star Bharat on July 26, 2022. We provide the most recent written news and updates on the episodes of Star Bharat’s latest TV serial Ajooni. Rajveer is consumed by one-sided love and is determined to marry Ajooni, a naΓ―ve educated girl. Circumstances pull them together, but their future is uncertain. Ajooni – Hindi Drama is now available on Disney+ Hotstar.


Ayushi Khurana as Ajooni Vohra

Ayushi Khurana

as Ajooni Vohra / Ajooni Rajveer Singh Bagga

Shoaib Ibrahim as Rajveer Singh Bagga

Shoaib Ibrahim

as Rajveer Singh Bagga


Pankaj Dheer

as Ravindra Singh Bagga


Rajveer holds Ajooni responsible for Aman’s predicament β€” Ajooni 26th Sep Written Update

Rajveer holds Ajooni responsible for Aman's predicament β€” Ajooni 26th Sep Written Update

September 26, 2022
Ravinder criticizes Ajooni for being reckless and considers her accountable for Aman’s health because of this. Later on, Ajooni is taken aback when she discovers…
Ajooni 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Rajveer Loses His Temper

Rajveer Loses His Temper

September 23, 2022
Dolly snares her prey in a crafty way. A short circuit causes Aman to get an electric shock later on in the kitchen. Rajveer erupts…
Ajooni 21st Sep Written Update β€” Good News for the Baggas

Good News for the Baggas

September 21, 2022
At Ravinder’s birthday celebration, he shares the happy news that Harvinder and Sikha are getting married, and Aman also shares the news that she is…
#Title Release Date
S1 E54 Rajveer holds Ajooni responsible for Aman's predicament β€” Ajooni 26th Sep Written Update 26 September, 2022
S1 E52 Rajveer Loses His Temper 23 September, 2022
S1 E50 Good News for the Baggas 21 September, 2022
S1 E49 Ravinder Gives an Ultimatum 20 September, 2022
S1 E48 Rajveer Stands for Ajooni 19 September, 2022
S1 E45 Dolly Consumes Vinegar 15 September, 2022
S1 E44 Harman Gets Caught 14 September, 2022
Ajooni, Rajveer's Romantic Time 13 September, 2022
Shikha Accepts Harvinder 12 September, 2022
Ajooni Exposes Harman 9 September, 2022
Rajveer Helps Ajooni 8 September, 2022
Dolly Pays the Price 7 September, 2022
Harman Annoys Ajooni 6 September, 2022
Rajveer Feels Jealous 5 September, 2022
Conflict between Rajveer and Ajooni 3 September, 2022
Harman's Vindictive Motives 2 September, 2022
A Shocker for Subhash 1 September, 2022
Rajveer Exposes Dolly's Ruse 31 August, 2022
Ajooni Continues to Suffer 30 August, 2022
A Miracle for Rajveer, Ajooni 29 August, 2022

We present the most current written updates on the most recent TV serial episodes to air on Star Bharat, which is Ajooni. These updates include the names and images of the cast members.

Ajooni Serial Wiki | Star Cast Info
Title Ajooni
Genre Drama, Romance
Star cast Ayushi Khurana, Shoaib Ibrahim, Pankaj Dheer, Pankaj Dheer
Producer(s) Hemant Ruparel, Ranjeet Thakur
Writer(s) Vandana Tiwari
Director(s) Yogesh Vijendra Bhatti
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
First Episode Release 26 July 2022
Streaming Partner Disney + Hotstar