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An Indian Hindi language Romance drama TV Serial called Bahut (also spelled Bohot) Pyar Karte Hai airs on the Star Bharat channel. Karan Grover, Sayli Salunkhe, Kushagre Dua, and Kiara Sadh play the lead roles on the show. Sandeep Sikcand, working with the Sol Production production company, produces the show. This series, which debuted on July 5, 2022, airs Monday through Friday at midnight.Receive the written telly updates from Bahut Pyar Karte Hain’s first episode up to the present day’s released episode.


Kiara Sadh as Zoon Raina

Kiara Sadh

as Zoon Raina

Sayali Salunkhe as Indu Raina

Sayali Salunkhe

as Indu Raina

Karan Grover as Ritesh Malhotra

Karan Grover

as Ritesh Malhotra


Indu’s Firm Decision β€” Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th Sep Written Update

Indu's Firm Decision

September 27, 2022
Indu comes to the conclusion that the best course of action is to initiate legal proceedings and submit a custody petition for Zoon. Ritesh’s anxiety…
Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Zoon Leaves the Centre

Zoon Leaves the Centre

September 23, 2022
When Ritesh runs into Vivek and Indu, he is furious and gives them a word of caution about seeing Zoon. Zoon leaves the kid centre…
Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st Sep Written Update β€” Vivek, Indu Become Clowns

Vivek, Indu Become Clowns

September 21, 2022
Vivek and Indu put on masks and attend Ritesh’s party while pretending to be clowns so that they may meet with Zoon. The woman who…
Episode No.Episode Title On-Air Release Date
S1 E69 Indu's Firm Decision 27 September, 2022
S1 E66 Zoon Leaves the Centre 23 September, 2022
S1 E64 Vivek, Indu Become Clowns 21 September, 2022
S1 E63 Ritesh Bars Indu's Entry 20 September, 2022
S1 E59 Indu Gets Arrested 15 September, 2022
S1 E58 Indu Escapes with Zoon 14 September, 2022
Indu Takes a Chance 13 September, 2022
Ritesh to Adopt Zoon 12 September, 2022
A Shocker for Sunita 9 September, 2022
Indu Is Shocked to See the Jewels 8 September, 2022
Ritesh's Surprising Decision 7 September, 2022
Ritesh in Traditional Wear 6 September, 2022
Indu to Help Ritesh 5 September, 2022
Sunita's Shocking Demand 3 September, 2022
Kamna is in Trouble 2 September, 2022
Indu Feels Devastated 1 September, 2022
Indu Is in Trouble 31 August, 2022
Kamna's Villainous Move 30 August, 2022
Kamna Visits Indu's House 29 August, 2022
Kamna Manipulates Ritesh 28 August, 2022
Ritesh Learns the Truth 27 August, 2022
Indu Worries about Zoon 26 August, 2022
Ritesh's Shocking Behaviour 25 August, 2022
Ritesh is Grief-Stricken 24 August, 2022
A Surprise for Zoon 23 August, 2022
Ritesh's Heartfelt Apology 21 August, 2022
Kamna Blames Indu 20 August, 2022
Indu Is in a Pickle 19 August, 2022
Indu, Ritesh Have a Dispute 18 August, 2022
Indu Receives a Threat 17 August, 2022
Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Serial Wiki | Star Cast Info
TV Serial Title Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai
Main Star Cast Karan V Grover, Sayli Salunkhe, Kushagre Dua, Kiara Sadh
Genre Romance, Drama
Concept Sandeep Sikcand
Director(s) Ajay Mayekar, Rohit Phulari
Producer(s) Sandeep Sikcand Kamna, Nirula Menezes, Fazila Allana
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues Pallavi Karkera Kanchan, Kelkar Nidhi Singh, Sonali Gupta, Sandeep Sikcand
Language Hindi
Director of photography Sadanand Pillai
Production House Sol Production Sandeep Films
First Episode Release 5 July 2022
TV Broadcast Channel Star Bharat
Streaming Partner Disney+ Hotstar

Story: Indu, a character in the program, lives with her parents, younger sister, and other family members. Mahesh is a man whom Indu adores, and she wants to see him and ask him to marry her. When she and her father go to see him, they discover that he has already wed another woman. She breaks up with Mahesh when he abuses her and hits her father. She encounters a pregnant lady on a bus while traveling back from there and invites her to accompany her. The mother gives birth to her child on the bus and begs Indu to cuddle her for a while. When Indu awakens, she discovers that the mother fled after leaving her child alone. To get over her split, she intends to leave the child at the station, but she cannot do so, so she chooses to take her in. The baby, whom she names Zoon, was fresh hope for Indu, who wished to retain it despite her mother’s opposition. After five years, Zoon is now five years old, but due to an injury, she needs a leg brace to walk. Indu always tells Zoon the truth because she doesn’t want her to know that she is adopted since Zoon continually pleads with her mother to find her a father. Then, superstar Ritesh Malhotra appears. Ritesh is someone Zoon loves and wants to meet. When his new movie is released, Ritesh visits a theater and intervenes to rescue Zoon when she falls from the second level.