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Channa Mereya is a popular and recent Hindi television show from the Star Bharat channel. The main actors who starred in the show are Karan Wahi and Niyati Fatnani. Yash A Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik produce the television serial. The internet streaming partner is Disney+ Hotstar. Get the most recent written updates from the episodes of Channa Mereya on television programs.


Niyati Fatnani as Ginni Aditya Singh

Niyati Fatnani

as Ginni Aditya Singh

Karan Wahi as Aditya Singh

Karan Wahi

as Aditya Singh

Puneet Issar as Rajwant Singh aka Daar-ji

Puneet Issar

as Rajwant Singh aka Daar-ji


Aditya, Ginni Share a Moment β€” Channa Mereya 27th Sep Written Update

Aditya, Ginni Share a Moment

September 27, 2022
Ginni is overjoyed to witness Aditya’s kind gesture for her, and at that time, the two of them have a tender moment together. Later on,…
Gayatri lets Vivek keep Zoon at home β€” Channa Mereya 26th Sep Written Update

Gayatri lets Vivek keep Zoon at home

September 26, 2022
Amber is overcome with dread as Aditya and Ginni get vital information on the perpetrator of the shooting. Later on, Aditya shows his affection for…
Channa Mereya 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Aditya Reassures Ginni

Aditya Reassures Ginni

September 23, 2022
Aditya develops a scepticism over the meal Ginni consumed before becoming ill. When some time, he makes the decision to prepare Ginni’s favourite meal and…
Episode No.Episode Title On-Air Release Date
S1 E70 Aditya, Ginni Share a Moment 27 September, 2022
S1 E69 Gayatri lets Vivek keep Zoon at home 26 September, 2022
S1 E67 Aditya Reassures Ginni 23 September, 2022
S1 E65 Aditya's Affection for Ginni 21 September, 2022
S1 E64 Aditya Is Grief-stricken 20 September, 2022
S1 E63 Bad News for Aditya 19 September, 2022
S1 E60 Ginni, Aditya Quarrel 15 September, 2022
S1 E59 Ginni Takes an Oath 14 September, 2022
Ginni Unearths the Truth 13 September, 2022
Amber Gets Scared 12 September, 2022
Ginni Receives a Good News 9 September, 2022
Aditya Opens Up to Ginni 8 September, 2022
Ginni Takes Care of Aditya 7 September, 2022
Ginni's Promise to Rajvanth 6 September, 2022
Aditya, Ginni's Decision 5 September, 2022
Aditya, Ginni Meet the Media 3 September, 2022
Aditya Sides with Ginni 2 September, 2022
Sam Attacks Ginni 1 September, 2022
Ginni Warns Sam 31 August, 2022
Ginni Faces the Consequences 30 August, 2022
Ginni Comes Up With a Plan 29 August, 2022
Aditya Gives an Ultimatum 27 August, 2022
Supreet Confides in Ginni 26 August, 2022
Ginni Faces an Accusation 25 August, 2022
Aditya, Sam's Truth Is Out 24 August, 2022
Ginni Fumes in Anger 23 August, 2022
Aditya Refuses to Accept Ginni 22 August, 2022
S1 E21 Ginni Gets Attacked 1 August, 2022
S1 E22 Rajvanth's Firm Stand 2 August, 2022
S1 E23 Rajvanth Reveals a Secret 3 August, 2022