Us Rah Par – Coke Studio

Us RAH PAR LYRICS from COKE STUDIO S10E07 – The artists Ali Zafar & Ali Hamza come together to celebrate and honor the life and legacy of a man “Shoaib Mansoor.” This song’s music is directed by Jaffer Zaidi while original composition is from Shoaib Mansoor, the artist also penned its promising lyric & here you can read full ENG translation.

Album Name: Us Rah Par(Coke Studio S10E07)
Performers: Ali Zafar, Ali Hamza, Strings
Songwriter: Shoaib Mansoor
Music Director: Jaffer Zaidi


Ham kyu chalein us raah par
Jis raah par sabhi chalein -x2,

Why should we take the road
That everyone has taken?

Kyun na chune wuh raasta
Jis par nahi koyi gaya,

Why shouldn’t we choose the path
That no one has travelled?

Dil udaas nazrein udaas
Dilbar naheen ‘gar aas-paas,
Din raat aah bharna
Aur beqarar rahna,

The heart feels bereft, the gaze feels bereft
When the beloved is not near,
Sighing with yearning day and night,
And waiting eagerly and restlessly,

Yeh khel hi bekar hai
Kuch bhi nahin angaar hai
Is aag men jalen kyun
Pal-pal jiyen maren kyun,

This game is a useless one
It is nothing but a slow-burning fire
Why should we burn in this fire?
Why should we experience this repeated death?

Hum kyun chalein us rah par
Jis raah par sab hi chalein
Kyun na chune wo raasta
Jis par nahi koyi gayaa.

Bas dekhne ki baat hai
Ik ishq kya hain hazaar ishq
Laakhon sanam chhupe hain
Aur raah dekhte hain,

This is something to think about
There’s not just one love but a thousand loves
Thousands of idols are hiding here
Waiting for us

Chalo ishq ka kaha maan kar
Apna sanam pahchan kar
Kisi aise rang rang jaayen
Sab se judaa nazar aayein.

Let’s give in to what love desires
And recognise our idol
And let ourselves be dyed in such a hue
That we stand apart from everyone.

Ham kyoon chalen us rah par
Jis rah par sab hi chalein
Kyoon nah chunein wuh raasta
Jis par naheen koyi gaya -x4,

Koyi gaya, koyi gaya, koyi gaya.


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