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The upbeat pop track “Va Va Voom” perfectly captures the butterflies-in-the-stomach rush of young love. With playfully poetic lyrics by Javed Akhtar set to a groovy melody by Shankar Ehsan Loy, singer Tejas gives an endearing musical voice to puppy love. Meanwhile, director Zoya Akhtar brings the song’s refreshing innocence to life through a visually vibrant homage to carefree romance.

Va Va Voom Lyrics English Translation The Archies

As Tejas belts out catchy refrains punctuated by energetic shouts of “Va Va Voom!” his smitten delivery evokes lovestruck euphoria. Akhtar’s lyrics explore the tongue-tied exhilaration of crushes through lines like “Should I tell her or seal my lips?” that sympathetic listeners worldwide can relate to.

Syncopated rhythms sprinkled with festive brass sections provide a dynamic musical backdrop for the lyrics’ youthful restlessness. Loy’s masterful composition captures the teen spirit through its ever-shifting textures woven into an anthemic chorus.


Va-Va Voom, Va-Va-Va Voom
Va Va Voom! Va Va Va Voom!
Vo Jo Mile To Mein Hota Hoon Gum
When I see her my heart flies away

Va-Va Voom, Va-Va-Va Voom
Va Va Voom! Va Va Va Voom!
Jo Mein Kahu Kya Samajhoge Tum
Get what I’m trying to say?

Use Main Dekhu To Muje Aisa Lagta Hai
When my eyes fell on her lovely face
Duniya Mein Koyi Nahin Us Jesa Lagta Hai
No one in this world has her grace

Mujhe You Lagta Hai To Kyon Lagta Hai
Why? Why do I feel this way?
Maine Aaj Tak Na Jana Ho
It beats me till today.

Vo Ruuth Jana, Vah Muskurana, Har Ek Lamha Hai Alag
How cross she gets, how she smiles, her every mood is unique.
Ye Gussa Jaise Ho Fuse Off Ho, Jo Has Pade To Hai Jagamag
She loses her cool like a short fuse, her smiles light up the world.

Vo Uthati Palkein, Vo Jhukati Palkein, Savera Aur Sham Hai,
Her looking up, her looking down, is like the rising and setting sun.
Ye Meri Dhadkan, Ye Meri Sansein, Ye Saba Usi Ke To Nam Hai,
This heart of mine, this breath of mine, they all belong to her.

Va-Va Voom, Va-Va-Va Voom
Va Va Voom! Va Va Va Voom!
Uski Jaise Aur Duusari Kahan
There isn’t another like her

Va-Va Voom, Va-Va-Va Voom
Va Va Voom! Va Va Va Voom!
Ye Bhe Sunalo Ye Vah Hai Abhe Yahan
Guess what? She’s right here

Use Friend Kahu Ya Girlfriend Kahu
Do I call her a friend Or a girlfriend?
Ab Jo Bhe Hai Kehne Ka Trend Kaho
Or do I just follow the going trend?

Jo Bhe Dil Mein Hai Kahoon Du Ya Chup Rahu
Should I tell her or seal my lips?
Maine Aaj Tak Na Jana
It beats me till today

Kisi Mein Maine, Nahin Hai Dekha Jo Uska Aandaz Hai
Haven’t seen a girl like her, she has such a cool style.
Use Batata Hoon Sare Bathen Vah Meri Humaraz Hai
I tell her everything, she’s the love of my life.

Vo Garz Dil Ke Hai Bath Asli, Ho Jata Hoon Gum-Sum
Telling her what’s in my heart, makes me lost for words.
Bas Hoton Hai Bas Itna Aatha
All that comes to my lips isn’t¦

You Are Just So Va-Va Voom
You’re just so Va Va Voom!
You Are Just Simply Va-Va Voom
You’re just simply Va Va Voom!
You Are Just So Va-Va Voom
-You are just so -You are just so Va Va Voom!

Zoya translates unbridled passion into joyous movement as Archies stars Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, and others twist and twirl with abandon. Bathed in sun-kissed light, their carefree smiles and laughter make the lyric’s wide-eyed romanticism tangible.


For global fans drawn by star power, the English translation illuminates nuances. Puns playing on “cool style” shine brighter against visuals of fashionable outfits and confident strutting. Lyrics and visuals interplay to provide relatable insight into classic crushes.

Title Va Va Voom
Movie The Archies (film)
Singer(s) Tejas
Lyrics Writer(s) Javed Akhtar
Music Composer(s) Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Actor(s) Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, Khushi Kapoor, Vedang Raina, Mihir Ahuja, Aditi “Dot” Saigal, Yuvraj Menda

Whether enjoying the Hindi original or English rendering, “Va Va Voom” promises The Archies will depict teenage life in all its messy, magical glory. Here’s hoping the film itself brims with as much heart and charm.

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