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Vannarapettayila, AKA Vanarapet Song, with the meaning of its quirky Tamil lyrics, is a humorous song from the movie ‘Maaveeran’, starring Sivakarthikeyan and Aditi Shankar. The song is sung by Aditi Shankar and Sivakarthikeyan, who have lively and playful voices. The lyrics are written by Yugabharathi, who has a skill for writing funny and witty words. The composer is Bharath Sankar, who composed a funky and catchy tune for the song. The video is directed by Madonne Ashwin, who has also directed the movie Maaveeran, a comedy and action film that deals with politics and corruption.

annarapettayila Lyrics translation Maaveeran

The ‘Vannaarapettayula Oru Vavvaalu Aengiduchaam’ song is about the crazy and hilarious love story between a bat and a lovebird who fall in love in Vannarapettayila. The lyrics are fast-paced and fun, with a catchy chorus and a lively rhythm. The singers do a fabulous job of delivering the lyrics with emotion and humour. They make the song sound quirky and humorous.


Vannarapettayula Oru Vavvalu Aengiducham
A bat turned into a love bird…
Polladha Kadhal Vara Adhu Lovebird-Ah Mariducham
when it craved and magically fell in love in Vannaarapet.

Karunkallelam Kannadi Voodacham
All the granites turned into a glass house
Veral Pattalae Ice Cream-Um Soodacham
Even a finger touch makes the ice cream hot

Cell-Elam Violent Mode Acham Jagame Jolly Acham
All the cells turned into a violent mode and the whole world was enjoying
Vannarapettayula Oru Vavvalu Aengiducham
When a bat longed and mysteriously transformed into a love bird.

Kokki Potu Izhukama Sarinjanae Lesa
He bent a little without pulling with a hook,
Konjam Ava Sirichale Karanjan Sarvesa
Even the god immersed when she gave a little smile.

Pakama Avalum Ponale Power-Um Cut Acham
Even the power gets off when, she walks beside and…
Oru Nodi Dhan Patha Kodi Minsaram Usurula Undacham
When she just gives a look for a second billions of electricity passes through the body

Yarodum Edhuvum Pesama Thalayae Rendacham
The head was breaking without talking to anyone
Andha Kadhaya Keta Oosi Pattasum Adhiradi Gundacham
After hearing the story even the needle cracker had turned into an active bomb

Kathadi Kooda Kai Meeri Pocham
Even the kite went out of hand
Aeroplane Aga Yengi Yengi Mela Parakudhu
Longing and longing to be an airplane flying above

Kannala Patezhudhi Ava Themmangu Padavacha
She made me sing for a themmangu by wring the lyrics through her eyes.
Illadha Kadhal Vara Kola Kuthattam Poda Vacha
She made me dance madly for a love that doesn’t exist.

Vannarapettayula Oru Vavvalu Aengiducham
A bat turned into a love bird,
Polladha Kadhal Vara Adhu Lovebird-Ah Mariducham
When it craved and magically fell in love in Vannaarapet.

Yar Sonnalum Kekkala Summave Mapula Thannala Daladichan
Without listening to anyone buddy just kept shining due the love.
Ipo Sandhosham Thangala Aanalum Thoongala Innanu Kelu Machan
Happiness is overloaded due to which I am unable to sleep ask me why my dear buddy.

Thannala Daladichan
Just kept shining due the love
Innanu Kelu Machan
Ask me why my dear buddy

Vannarapettayila Full Song | Maaveeran

Maaveeran Film’s Vannarapettayila Music Video | Aditi Shankar | Sivakarthikeyan

The song is fun for the ears and the eyes, showing the crazy and hilarious love story of the lead actors, Sivakarthikeyan and Aditi Shankar. They look funny and adorable in the video, shot in lively studio locations and comic settings. The song is one of the best songs from the movie Maaveeran, which is an entertaining film that explores the concept of politics and corruption.

Vannarapettayila Song Details
Track Title Vannarapettayila
Movie Maaveeran
Performing Artist Aditi Shankar, Sivakarthikeyan
Songwriter Yugabharathi
Music Director Bharath Sankar
Lead Aditi Shankar, Sivakarthikeyan

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