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The song “Vintage Love Lyrics Translation” from the movie “Star” is a stunning expression of longing and admiration, with heartfelt lyrics penned by the talented Kabilan. Sung by Yuvanshankar Raja, the song masterfully captures the essence of love with its evocative imagery and soulful melody.

Vintage Love Lyrics English Translation Star
Title Vintage Love
Movie/Album Star
Vocalist(s) Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyricist(s) Kabilan
Music Producer(s) Yuvanshankar Raja
Star Cast Kavin (Vijay TV Fame), Aaditi Pohankar, Preity Mukhundhan

The ‘Star’ movie’s Vintage Love song describes the protagonist’s yearning for their beloved. The moon and night imagery reflect the protagonist’s sleepless nights. Despite searching, they cannot find peace without their beloved. The verses compare the beloved to a flower in a field and express the pain and happiness felt in their presence. The chorus delves into the protagonist’s longing for the past to repeat itself. The bridge intensifies the emotions, likening the beloved to a captivating butterfly.

Star Movie’s Vintage Love Lyrics English {Translation}

Iruvizhi Padhayil Kaththirunthen Indha
Thamadham Eano Nilave Thalaiyanai Thookkaththai
Nan Tholaiththean En Kangalil Illai Kanave

I looked around, but I couldn’t find you
Moon, why are you taking so long?
Your thoughts kept me awake all night
I couldn’t dream of anything else.

Pulveli Koottaththil Nee Therindhai Oru Poochchedi Pole Thaniye
Idam Porul Yavume Marandhuvitten Nee Endhan Ijiagam Iniye
Ival Pole Oru Inba Thunbamo Yaro
Madhil Mele Oru Poonai Aagiren Nano
Nan Kadanthu Pogum Natkurippil, Mayilin Iragai Nee Iruppai
Lmayin Ldhazhal Nee Siriththai Kannil Kaidhanen

I saw you in a field of flowers; you were alone like a beautiful flower.
I forgot about everything else, where is my happiness now?
Does anyone else feel this way? My heart is in pain, but it’s happy too.
If I were a cat on the wall, you would be like a peacock feather.
Your graceful smile has me entranced.

Oru Nal Nadanthadhellam Meendum Varadho
Aruge Nee Irundhum Aasai Theeradho
Vennira Megamum Thannale, Thooralai Pozhiyudhu Unnale
Meengal Kannale Thoondilai Thirudipponale

Will the past ever repeat itself?
Even if you’re near me, I know my desires can’t be fulfilled
even the clouds cry for you, you stole my sleep with your fish-like eyes.

Thaniye Unnaikkanum Bodhu, Thalaimel Andha Vanam Eadhu
Vizhiyil Vandhu Ponapothu, Vilakkam Solla Varththai Eadhu
Thirumbum Ella Dhisaiyanai, Thiththikkindra Vishamanai
Ninaival Endhan Vasamanai Nenjikkulle Isaiyanai
En Kai Regaiye Un Koondhal Keeralkal Thane
Maravene Uyir Vazhum Nalvarai

Just seeing you once is enough, what kind of sky is above your head?
There are no words to describe the light that shines when you’re near me.
I’m searching everywhere like a bee, your scent lingers in my memory.
Your melody echoes in my heart, my hand only wants to touch.
Your hair’s soft curls, I will never forget you, as long as I live.

He! Etta Ninnu Pattampoochchi
Vattam Podudhe Unnai
Mudhal Mudhal Parththa Nodiye
Retta Kannu Kattipoda Kattam Kattudhe
Un Mugavari Enna Adiye

He! You’re like a butterfly
Flying around, enchanting me
The first time I saw you, I was speechless
Who are you, my love?

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Vintage Love Music Video

The music video for “Vintage Love” is a poignant and heartfelt song that beautifully captures the bittersweet emotions of love and longing. With its soul-stirring melody and poignant lyrics, it resonates with anyone who has experienced the depths of love’s emotions.

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