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Enjoy the written update for the recent sequence of the arresting serial Ajooni released on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on Star Bharat. A Shocker for Subhash is the label of the trend-setting episode number S1 E33.


When Ravinder and Dolly come to Subhash’s residence with a frightening proposition, Subhash’s anxiety levels rise. After some time has passed, at Rajveer’s urging, Ravinder removes all of the constraints that were placed on Ajooni.


The episode starts with Dolly informing Harman that although she is welcome to remain at the hostel, she will not visit Ajooni’s home. She requests that she take action. She is reprimanded by Harman for attempting to take the responsibility. Dolly claims she didn’t tell lies.

She continues, “My strategy was ideal, but I was unfortunate. ” Teasing them is Ravinder. He chastises them for their foolish scheme. Dolly is like Harman, he assures her.

He says that the strategy should be flawless if they must murder someone. Dolly inquires about his forgiveness. She will be punished, he warns her. She is asked to remain with them in order to destroy Subhash’s family.

Ajooni, on the other hand, advises Rajveer to drink milk along with his medication. He is asked to go to sleep. He dozes off. Dolly eventually warns Bebe that she will endure suffering in that home.

She sobs and claims she will die there. Bebe informs her that she is responsible for this punishment since she committed a mistake. She embraces her. Harman is asked by Dolly not to weep.

Ajooni, according to her, threw them out of the home. She cautions Harvinder to be vigilant. He prevents her from hugging Ravinder. To end her drama, he begs her.

Dolly and Ravinder arrive at Subhash’s home. When they are seen, Subhash’s family is astonished. Subhash congratulates them. Ravinder enquires as to whether he can comprehend their surprise.

He explains to Subhash that he came to make a request. He declares that he wants Dolly to spend one month living at Subhash’s home. Hearing him shocks everyone. Subhash questions him on why Dolly must remain in his home.

He is informed by Ravinder that Subhash had a decent upbringing. According to him, Subhash should make Dolly resemble Ajooni. Meher provides food and tea. In order for Dolly to learn from the home, Bharat tells Ravinder that his sisters lack character in the eyes of the latter.

He is asked by Harvinder not to speak when two seniors are conversing. According to Ravinder, Rajveer is the author of this concept. Subhash is asked to keep Dolly at his home. He tells Dolly to stay away from them.

Only one roti is left for her, Ajooni observes. She hands the platter of food to Chamku. Ajooni sips on water. Rajveer notices this.

The man visits Ravinder. A task is given to him by Ravinder. He reveals that Mr. Sethi discussed the latter’s ticket with him.

Rajveer says he’ll go, but there’s a catch. He requests that he be released from all the restrictions. He dials Ajooni. He informs her that Ravinder wants to speak with her.

Ajooni is informed by Ravinder that she is exempt from any restrictions. She can do anything she wants, he claims, and nobody will stop her. He makes fun of Rajveer. To complete Ravinder’s duties, Rajveer departs.