Ajooni 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Conflict between Rajveer and Ajooni

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the newly released installment of the hypnotizing show Ajooni delivered on Saturday, 3rd September 2022 on Star Bharat. Conflict between Rajveer and Ajooni is the label of the just out episode number S1 E35.


After Bebe discovers Rajveer sleeping on the floor, she begins to treat Ajooni in an untrustworthy manner. Despite Rajveer’s best efforts to support Ajooni, the uproar causes the two of them to disagree with one another.


The episode starts with Bebe informing Ravinder that she intends to force Ajooni to give Matarani a gold crown so that Ajooni can get pregnant. Ravinder applauds the concept. Harman questions if Ajooni is awake or not. She claims that Ajooni has not yet arrived in the kitchen. She receives criticism from Ravinder for not working.

She should put Aman to work since he is worthless, he advises. He cautions her not to bother Ajooni. Harman walks in. Bebe walks over to Ajooni’s bedroom. Ajooni then orders Rajveer to stand up.

Rajveer informs her that he needs more time to sleep. She enters the bathroom to turn off the light. Bebe enters the space and is startled to discover Rajveer dozing off on the floor. Rajveer rises. After getting dressed, she calls out to him and says she wants to speak with him.

Dolly, on the other hand, informs Subhash that her room needs air conditioning. She claims she had trouble sleeping the whole night. She is informed by Subhash that they don’t spend money on frivolous items. She promises to ask Ravinder to get an air conditioner. She informs Ravinder she wants AC when she phones him.

Ravinder disconnects the phone after stating that he would think about it. Bebe shares a story with Ravinder. Ajooni was told by Rajveer not to worry since he would take care of it. They exited the space. In the hallway, everyone congregates.

Bebe extends an invitation to newlywed women. If they celebrated fight night with their spouses, she inquired from them. They become timid. Ajooni is informed by her that those women are the spouses of the guys who work at their workplace. From there, she dispatches those women.

She explains to Ajooni her role as a wife. Rajveer is informed by Ravinder that he has already instructed him to reveal Ajooni’s whereabouts to her. He claims to have learned that Rajveer sleeps on the floor and Ajooni occupies the bed. Mocking him, he He claims that he has been longing for a grandchild. He makes fun of Harvinder and Aman for not giving him their grandchildren.

He reveals to Rajveer that Harman reprimands Ajooni for refusing to allow Rajveer to touch her. She speaks unfavourably about Ajooni. Hearing her shocks Ajooni. Rajveer is asked to speak by Ravinder. According to Rajveer, he forced Ajooni into marriage.

He continues by saying that he will wait for the day when Ajooni will adore him. Ravinder makes fun of him. Every month, he requests that they play this game. Rajveer and Ajooni go to their rooms. She claims that their relationship lacks both love and trust.

He assures her that his family’s standards are valid. He claims she caused him to betray his family. Harman advises Ravinder to consider Harvinder’s second marriage. Aman is startled when he hears her. Harman is asked to stop talking by Ravinder. She wakes him up, and he reprimands her. He promises himself that he will teach Ajooni a lesson.