Ajooni 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rajveer Feels Jealous

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the modern scene of the pleasurable TV broadcast Ajooni ventilated on Monday, 5th September 2022. Rajveer Feels Jealous is the designation of the ahead of the game episode number S1 E36.


Rajveer intends to pop the question to Ajooni, so he brings her to an intimate location in order to do so. However, he lashes out at him because he is jealous of Ajooni’s conversation with her male companion.


The first line of the episode comes when Rajveer’s pals advise him that he ought to take Ajooni out. They advise him to go on a honeymoon in order to win over Ajooni. Meher, on the other hand, studies. Dolly turns on the music and begins to dance. Everyone congregates in the hallway while loud music plays.

The music is stopped by Bindu. She is informed by Dolly that it was her favourite song. She is urged by Subhash to end the tension. He brings up the advice he gave her to study. All of this, he claims, is not permitted here.

At Bagga’s place, he requests that she act in this manner. There, Ravinder shows up. On the other hand, Ajooni is going to get a present from Harman’s visitor. But Harman disperses her visitors. She asserts that Ajooni is unworthy of living a married life.

She says that Ajooni wants a spouse only as a namesake. She asserts that Ajooni deprives her spouse of happiness. Ajooni tries to talk, but Harman is preventing her from doing so. According to Harman, Ajooni won’t get married woman’s rights until after conception. Entering is Ajooni.

Dolly informs Ravinder that she is being treated in this manner. She requests that he drive her to Bagga’s place. Subhash informs Ravinder that he is correct. According to him, Subhash is even entitled to smack Dolly. Subhash must adhere to Dolly’s directions, he is reminded.

Tolly sobs. She grinned at him. She is informed that he has something for her. When Subhash sees AC, he is horrified. He is informed by Ravinder that it is a little present.

He is informed by Subhash that if he wants Dolly to learn discipline, they cannot comply with her requests in this manner. Ravinder applauds his remarks. He mocks him. If Dolly needs anything more, he asks her to contact him. He then departs from it.

Rajveer witnesses Ajooni sobbing. He informs her that he must leave for a critical job. He begs her to go with him. to a restaurant, they go. She is astonished to discover his strategy.

He has trouble communicating with the waiter in English. The waiter leads them to the table. Ajooni is informed by Rajveer that a table has already been booked. He hands her the menu and asks her to place her order. He informs her that although he dislikes Chinese food, he would still eat it if she placed an order.

He notices the ring that he purchased for her. He believes he brought her there in order to present the gift. Rahul, a friend of Ajooni’s, arrives there. He shakes hands with Ajooni and gives her praise. When speaking to him, she grinned.

Rajveer becomes enraged upon seeing everything. He grabs Rahul by the collar and strikes him. He is asked to leave Rahul by Ajooni. From there, Rahul departs. Rajveer asks Ajooni to order dinner.

From there, Ajooni departs. Rajveer finally gives Ajooni a hug. Pushing him, she He inquires as to why he is unable to touch her but her buddy is able to do so. She admits to being mistaken in thinking he was a wonderful guy when he assisted Meher. He claims he can’t stand it when his wife shakes hands with her pal.

He claims to have rights over her, but she shoved him. He then departs from it.