Ajooni 6th September 2022 Written Update β€” Harman Annoys Ajooni

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Let us explore the written update for the today’s chapter of the viral serial Ajooni issued on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. Harman Annoys Ajooni is the moniker of the just-out episode number S1 E37.


Harman intends to cause Ajooni some grief as a means of teaching her a lesson. After starting the geyser, he instructs her to clean the utensils that are located in the bathroom.


The episode starts with Rajveer is informed by Chamku that she brought food for him. She is instructed to feed Ajooni by Rajveer, who then departs. Harman hears them talking to each other. She discovers that Rajveer and Ajooni engaged in combat.

She makes the decision to feed the flames. In contrast, Meher requests that Dolly turn off the air conditioning. Dolly rejects performing it. She is informed by Meher that the room is hers.

Dolly explains that her father provided the air conditioning for her. Meher turned the AC off. The AC should be turned on. Rajveer emerges from the terrace the next day.

Rajveer is teased by Harvinder and Ravinder. Rajveer scolds them. Harman invites Rajveer to breakfast. He hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday, she informs him.

Rajveer, according to her, “became weak. ” Rajveer did not take his medication either, she says. Ravinder hurls the tea cup, complaining that the flavour is poor. He requests that Harman clear the table.

Ajooni makes it clean. He informs Harvinder that the latter’s destiny involves two wives. He requests that they provide him with one more tea. Aman and Ajooni enter the kitchen.

Rajveer requests that they deliver breakfast to his room before entering. Harman asks Ravinder if there is nothing they can do for Rajveer. Ravinder promises to take whatever action is necessary. Aman queries Ajooni about her feelings about Rajveer’s lack of support for her today in the kitchen.

She assures her that Rajveer will take good care of her. Rajveer, according to her, is Ajooni’s strongest ally. She begs her not to abandon her because of her ego. She is informed by Ajooni that Rajveer wrecked her life.

She is reminded of the marital vows by Aman. She claims that they would perform Harvinder’s second marriage if Ajooni didn’t give birth to a kid. Meher looks through the journal. She alerts Bindu about the disappearance of her friend’s notepad.

Dolly purposefully spills tea on the notepad. Meher reprimands her. She complains to Beeji about Dolly. Meher is sent inside by Beeji.

Harman instructs Aman to wipe the dining room table. She instructs Ajooni to clean the dishes. Ajooni observes that no water is flowing. Chamku and Harman exchange hand gestures.

Ajooni is instructed to clean the bathroom utensils by Chamku. Going to the restroom is Ajooni. A geyser is turned on by Chamku. She believes the explosion will happen soon.

She informs Harman that her work is complete. Harman eventually queries Chamku as to why the geyser has not yet erupted. According to the electrician, the geyser will blow in five minutes, according to Chamku. She goes to check.

Ajooni notices that there is no water flowing. She moves to the dining room. She turned the gas off. Chamku walks into the restroom.

A geyser is released. Hearing the sounds shocks Ravinder. Harman Schmitt, Aman, and Ajooni visit the restroom. They discover Chamku unconscious.

There, Harman shows up. She is astounded by everything. She is informed by Ajooni that they must contact the doctor. Later, the doctor treats Chamku’s wounds with ointment.

Ajooni tells Chamku to relax before departing. Harman cautions Chamku not to use her name. There, Ajooni shows up. Ajooni, according to Harman, is unfortunate.

Ajooni claims that she is unfortunate and that is why she keeps being assaulted. She assures her that she will provide evidence to reveal the offender.