Ajooni 7th September 2022 Written Update — Dolly Pays the Price

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Get the written update for the today’s chapter of the riveting TV drama Ajooni delivered on Wednesday, 7th September 2022. Dolly Pays the Price is the designation of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E38.


Ajooni 7 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E38
Title: Dolly Pays the Price
Summary Dolly is seen chewing gum in the classroom, which causes Subhash to get agitated and raise his voice at her. Harman gives Ajooni a smack as Mehr is teaching Dolly a lesson for being a bother to him.


This first segment features Meher and Dolly are students of Subhash’s, and he teaches them history. He is aware of the fact that Dolly is gum-chewing. Dolly declines his request to toss it when he begs her to. Dolly is instructed by Meher to pay attention in class.

Dolly implores her not to pursue a career in teaching. She believes that studying history is a waste of time. She says that nothing is exciting about learning about deceased individuals. She tells her she may use Ravinder’s money to pay for her education, and then she departs.

Meher believes she ought to impart some wisdom to Dolly. Rajveer inquires about Ajooni’s well-being by inquiring whether she is okay. He expresses his happiness at having been contacted by Aman. Ravinder inquires of Ajooni whether she intends to turn on the geezer.

Ajooni asserts she did not activate the geezer. Rajveer said that he is relieved to hear that Ajooni is doing well. Ravinder assures him that Ajooni is the focus of everyone’s attention. He explains to him that the latter side turned against them for Ajooni, but Rajveer has not yet started a family.

He relayed the news to Harvinder that Aman would not be providing him with a grandchild. He announces that this would be Harvinder’s second marriage. Ajooni does not let Ajooni continue speaking, despite her attempts to do so. Ajooni suggests to Ravinder that she may give up her grandson to Aman if she cares about Aman.

He says that he knows Ajooni would not hand over the grandchild to him. Meher observes Dolly asleep. She uses gum in Dolly’s hair as a styling product. It takes aback Dolly when she discovers gum in her hair.

She then exits the home after warning them she won’t be merciful to anybody. After a while, she gets home. She reveals to Harman that members of Ajooni’s family put gum in her hair. According to Harman, they are a shameless group of individuals.

She continues by saying that she won’t be lenient against anybody. She gives Ajooni a call and explains everything to her. Ajooni asserts that none of the members of her family are capable of such behavior. Harman hits her.

Dolly claims Meher is the one responsible for this. Harman has showed that she intends to give Ajooni a haircut. She requests Chamku bring the scissors. Ajooni explains to Harman that the issue must be Dolly’s confusion about the situation.

Harman receives a pair of scissors from Chamku. Harman attempts to trim the hair of Ajooni. Bharat puts a stop to it. On behalf of Meher, he extends his apologies to them.

Bebe believes they should be punished. They displayed peanut butter before their eyes. He claims they will remove the gum from Dolly’s hair if they apply peanut butter to it first. Harman has clarified that she intends to cut Ajooni’s hair regardless of the consequences.

She makes another attempt to trim Ajooni’s hair. Ravinder travels to the location. He reprimands Harman. Harman informs him that Ajooni should be punished for his actions.

Dolly claims that Meher is the one responsible for everything. She is informed by Ravinder that she, too, is not a saint. Bharat explains to him the concept of peanut butter. Ravinder gives Ajooni the task of washing Dolly’s hair with peanut butter and asks her to do it.

Both Ajooni and Dolly exit the room to use the restroom. Dolly reveals to Ajooni that she is going to be troublesome to Meher. Ajooni explains to her that unpleasant things will come to those who are bad. Dolly has made it clear that she has no intention of sparing Ajooni’s family.