Ajooni 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rajveer Helps Ajooni

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Enjoy the written update for the newest section of the bewitching telecast Ajooni divulged on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Rajveer Helps Ajooni is the headline of the sweet episode number S1 E39.


Ajooni 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E39
Title: Rajveer Helps Ajooni
Summary Dolly and Harman hatch a nefarious plot in order to exact their vengeance. Ajooni is burned with hot oil after falling for their trap and getting caught in it. In the end, she decides to accept Rajveer’s assistance.


At the beginning of the episode, Ravinder inquires of Bharat about what the latter is up to. Bharat explains to him that he received his MBA in finance. He claims to be looking for work at the moment. Ravinder informs him that the latter has accepted a job offer.

It hasn’t escaped his attention that Bharat and Ajooni are looking at each other. He claims they would have been satisfied with any other job offer and would have been happy about it. He explains that since Subhash is teaching Dolly morals and ethics, this work is similar to guru Dakshina. Dolly tells him she has no intention of returning to Subhash’s home.

He informs her that nobody asked her opinion about the matter. He requests that Harman bring something for them to eat. He assures Bharat that his respect will grow if it becomes known that he is connected with Baggas. Chamku is seen attempting to cook pakoda in the kitchen.

Dolly cautions her to refrain from doing that. Harman warns her not to scream because there is a chance that Ravinder will hear her. Dolly explains to her that there is an injustice taking place with her. Dolly learns from Chamku that she saved some oil to prepare pakoda and leaves from that place.

Dolly informs Harman that this time no one will suspect them of anything. Harman is briefed on her plan by her. Harman assures her that she will take care of everything. They made their way to the main hall.

Ravinder instructs Dolly to behave herself and be a good girl. Dolly is given the request by Bebe to look after herself. Bharat and Dolly leave from there. Bharat and Dolly eventually made it to the house after traveling for some time.

Beeji expresses to Dolly her happiness at hearing that Dolly has returned. Dolly explains to her that going back was the only option available to her at that time. Beeji asks her not to get angry. Dolly receives an apology from Bharat on behalf of everyone else.

He asks her to put that episode out of her mind. Dolly will now enter the house. Harman tells Ajooni and Aman to make kheer poori. She sends Ajooni to make poori.

After clearing the dining table, she instructs Aman to prepare the kheer. Ajooni makes poori. When the potatoes fell into the oil, it splashed all over her neck. The agony causes her to scream out.

She gives Rajveer a call. Rajveer arrives at the scene and, upon seeing her injury, becomes concerned. Harman reveals to Rajveer that Ajooni cannot perform even a task competently. Rajveer tells her that Ajooni is in pain.

Harman explains to him that everything is taking place directly from Ajooni’s carelessness. She claims that it appears as though Subhash did not impart any knowledge upon Ajooni. She continues by saying that they are having issues due to Ajooni. Ajooni sobs as she walks away from that place.

According to Harman, Ajooni was the one who initiated her drama. Rajveer confronts her with the question of why she is talking about all of this while Ajooni is in discomfort. She explains to him that Ajooni is suffering as a direct result of her actions in the past. He then tells her that talking to her is a waste of time before leaving the location.

The injury that Ajooni sustained is treated with ice cubes by Rajveer. Aman inquires of Ajooni as to whether or not the latter is doing well. Ajooni nods at her. In the meantime, Harman informs Chamku that Ajooni was successful in evading capture once more.

She requests that the proofs be thrown away. After returning from her husband’s house, Kamala, Chamku’s sister, found that she had burned herself and decided to return home. Chamku believes that karma is carrying out its duties. She continually reassures herself that Ajooni is a morally upstanding individual.

Ajooni informs Aman that They accidentally dropped water and potato into the oil. Rajveer hears her. Harvinder is making fun of them. He discusses his second marriage in this passage.

Aman recommends that they check into the hospital immediately. He pushes her. He reprimands Ajooni for turning Aman against him and using him as a pawn. Ajooni confronts him about how he can be confident that he has no issues.

However, Rajveer steps just in time to prevent him from slapping her. He transports Aman from that location. Rajveer leaves after asking Ajooni for some medicine and taking it with him.