Ajooni 9th September 2022 Written Update — Ajooni Exposes Harman

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Let’s experience the written update for the revolutionary section of the fascinating TV broadcast Ajooni delivered on Friday, 9th September 2022. Ajooni Exposes Harman is the subtitle of the groovy episode number S1 E40.


Ajooni 9 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E40
Title: Ajooni Exposes Harman
Summary Ajooni receives word from Chamko that Harman has always had the intention to harm her. After some time has passed, Ajooni confronts the family with the truth about the terrible things Harman has done.


Chamko asks Ajooni whether she is okay at the start of the episode. Ajooni tells her she is alright. Chamko expresses regret for having harmed her. She tells her she turned the geezer so Ajooni could suffer damage from the explosion.

She claims it was her fault the potato fell into the oil. She is asked by Ajooni why the latter accomplished all of this. Chamko advises that doing all those disgusting acts would not benefit her, despite someone having instructed her. Ajooni, who ordered her, asks her.

Chamko asks her not to question that. She claims she is just a maid and will perish if Harman discovers. She hears her shocks Ajooni. Chamko understands she blurted out the truth.

She claims that God punished her because she acted wrongly toward Ajooni. She claims that Ajooni was fortunate and was rescued as a result, but this family would not spare her. She invites her to accompany Rajveer some place. She is asked whether she can reveal the truth in front of everyone by Ajooni.

Rajveer inspects the scene of the accident in the kitchen. In Harman’s eyes. If they don’t take action, Ajooni will take Rajveer to her home, and Harvinder warns his family. Rajveer follows Ajooni’s directions, and Ravinder informs Bebe.

If they have finished their taunts, Rajveer asks. Ravinder advises him he was the one who kicked Dolly out of the home. He inquires whether the latter will also kick him out of the house. Dolly’s wrongdoings, according to Rajveer, had been established.

According to him, Harman chastises Ajooni unduly. He informs him that Harvinder attempted to strike Ajooni once again. Ravinder advises that he should have smacked Ajooni to reveal the location to her. Rajveer tells him that he adores Ajooni.

Even if Ajooni makes another mistake, he promises not to hit her. Chamko informs Ajooni that she cannot be honest in front of everyone. Ajooni promises to kill her and establishes her suicide as the cause of death. If Chamko doesn’t stand by her, she claims she will be unable to prove anything.

Chamko consents to help her. Bebe asks Rajveer to express regret to Harman and Harvinder. Rajveer informs her that he won’t accept Harvinder’s apology. Ajooni interrupts him just as he is ready to apologize to Harman.

According to Ajooni, Harman has the right to correct her without cause. She questions Harman about who allowed the latter’s attempt to murder her. She is prompted to halt by Bebe. Ajooni claims she has evidence that Harman attempted to murder her.

She questions Harman. According to Harman, Ajooni falsely accused her. She claims to have done nothing to Ravinder. They questioned Rajveer about why she would attempt to murder Ajooni.

Shaking Harman is Ravinder. Nothing has been proven yet, he informs her. He ask her why she is acting right now. Bebe and Ravinder want Ajooni to provide evidence to back up her assertions.

According to Ajooni, she has a witness who has only supported Harman throughout all. Bebe queries who that is. Dialing Chamko is Ajooni. There, Chamko shows up.

Chamko is told by Ravinder not to be alarmed. Chamko is asked by Rajveer, to be honest. Chamko tells Ajooni that she cannot lie to get money. Ajooni informs Rajveer that Chamko is now lying. She questions his level of faith in her.