Ajooni 12th September 2022 Written Update β€” Shikha Accepts Harvinder

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Shikha, along with her parents, paid a visit to the Baggas at their home. In addition, Shikha has feelings for Harvinder, and the two of them are planning to be married.


Let us explore the written update for the newly released chapter of the hypnotizing television broadcast Ajooni reported on Monday, 12th September 2022. Shikha Accepts Harvinder is the name of the freshly released episode number S1 E42.


Shikha and her parents encounter Baggas at the start of the episode. Harvinder is introduced to them by Ravinder. In Harman’s opinion, Shikha and Harvinder will make a fantastic pair. Shikha and Harvinder exchange grins.

Brings tea is Aman. Harman prevents her. Shikha is asked to assist. Aman gives the tea tray to Shikha.

Everyone receives tea from her. Ravinder instructs Harvinder to bring Shikha on a home tour. Harvinder then takes Shikha. According to Shikha’s mother, snacks are delectable.

The treats were prepared by Aman, according to Harman. Aman, according to her, was Harvinder’s first wife. Shikha’s parents are startled when they hear her. Harman informs them that Aman cannot give birth to a kid.

What will happen to Aman when Harvinder and Shikha get married is the question Shikha’s mother asks her. Harman assures her that Aman will live peacefully there and that he has no objections to this marriage. Shikha’s mother asks Aman whether Shikha may be treated like her sister. Shikha and Harvinder get there.

Harman questions Shikha about her opinion of Harvinder. Shikha claims to like Harvinder. Ravinder is tasked with picking a wedding date by Shikha’s father. Ravinder informs him that he will see Guruji arrange a wedding date.

Rajveer and Ajooni exchange glances. Aman is compelled to consume candy by Harman. From then, Shikha’s family departs. Ajooni informs Ravinder that she has been quiet up to this point since there are guests.

She declares that she will stop the marriage at any cost. Ravinder queries her on what she may do to annul the union. She informs him that Harvinder has previously been legally married and that he cannot legally remarry while his first wife is still living. Ravinder tells her he doesn’t care if anything is legal or unlawful.

He asserts that he will force Harvinder and Aman to separate. What can she do, he asks her? She informs him that there is no evidence to support Aman’s condition. What if Harvinder has an issue?

She queries, and he mocks her. He reprimands Rajveer. He asserts that Harvinder would get married again at whatever costs. He grants Ajooni and Rajveer a one-month grace period.

If they decide to call off the wedding, he requests that they offer him positive news in a month. Rajveer and Ajooni are mute. Teasing them is Ravinder. He asks that Harman begin making arrangements for Harvinder’s nuptials.

Rajveer consents to Ravinder’s request. He assures him that he will provide positive news him in a month. Ajooni eventually prepares her bags. She is asked by Rajveer what she is doing.

He explains to her that he has no other option. They now have a month, he claims. He will lie to cover up this falsehood, she warns him. He claims that he is carrying out all of this for Aman.

The next day, Ravinder tells Harman he has faith in Rajveer. Harman informs him that they cannot delay the marriage. He instructs her to report to Rajveer that he arranged Harvinder’s wedding to gauge his response. Ajooni tells Rajveer that Aman is the victim of injustice.

She declares that although she will defend Aman, she will not let him touch her. Harman notices. She informs them that Ravinder arranged Harvinder’s marriage.