Ajooni 13th September 2022 Written Update — Ajooni, Rajveer’s Romantic Time

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Harvinder, who is under the influence of alcohol, daydreams about his upcoming honeymoon with Shikha. On the other side, Ajooni and Rajveer spend a tender moment together around twelve in the morning.


Enjoy the written update for the different installment of the winning TV broadcast Ajooni introduced on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Ajooni, Rajveer’s Romantic Time is the designation of the funky episode number S1 E43.


This first segment features Harman revealing to Rajveer that they know he cannot have children, which is why Ravinder arranged Harvinder’s marriage. According to her, Harvinder’s wedding would occur the following week. She then leaves the location after stating that Aman is a waste of her time and that she would thus kick her out of the home. Rajveer begs Ajooni to cease calling him selfish going forward and then walks away from the conversation.

Harvinder stumbles inside his room while under the influence of alcohol. He inquires as to Aman’s advice on the location of his honeymoon. He exclaims he is in such a good mood today. He asks whether she consumed laddu.

Aman nods at him. He assures her he is pleased with the way his marriage is going. He makes her drink, but she resists by pushing the bottle away. He explains to her that Ajooni was pointing the finger of blame at him because of her.

He puts her in his path, then nods to sleep. Aman makes his way inside the kitchen. She attempts to sever her wrist. Ajooni stops her.

Aman informs her she has decided she does not want to continue living. She inquires as to the reason for the latter having rescued her. She claims that Harvinder’s marriage has been arranged and that she cannot stop it. Ajooni has given her his word that Harvinder would not be getting married a second time.

Aman sheds tears when he is holding her. Ajooni enters her room. She is surprised to hear that Rajveer plans to sleep on the floor. She gave a little nod in response.

He reveals to her his plans to sleep outside on the patio. Another time, she shook her head. She lets him know she is prepared to go on the journey of starting a family. She claims she is ready to have a family to support Aman.

When he hears her, he is taken aback. After some time has passed, Rajveer beautifies the space. Baggas is aware of it, and he departs from that location. Rajveer tells Ajooni that the room was designed specifically for her.

He offers her a rose while simultaneously holding her hand. She is forced to sit on the bed by him. He pulls the drapes to the side. He sits near her.

Milk is something that she delivers to him, and he consumes it. He hugs her. He undoes the knot of her blouse. He rises from his sleeping position.

She inquires of him as to what took transpired. He assures her that the only thing he wants is her love and nothing else. She informs him that she is prepared to proceed. He claims she had no choice but to make this choice under these circumstances.

He explains that he tied the knot with her because of love, not the desire to have sexual relations with her. He claims that all he wants is her love, and he will one day have it. The individual exits the room. The next morning, Ajooni finds Rajveer dozing off on the patio.

She woke him awake. Rajveer inquires whether anybody else has stated anything. Her laughter may be heard. She informs him it is morning, which is the only reason she comes to wake him up.

The information that Rajveer slept on the terrace was relayed to Harman by Chamko. Harman used the shampoo bottle that belonged to Ajooni to create some cream. She believes that once Rajveer sees Ajooni’s face, he will no longer love Ajooni. The bottle of shampoo that belonged to Ajooni is kept in the bathroom by Chamko.

Ajooni sees Chamko in her chamber. Harvinder instructs Aman to maintain a low profile in the room reserved for the Servant. Because he is going to see Shikha, he asks her to bring some shampoo for him to use. A bottle of shampoo is given to Aman by Ajooni. She has the impression that things are proceeding well between Ajooni and Rajveer.