Ajooni 14th Sep Written Update β€” Harman Gets Caught

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As Harvinder discovers that he is the target of Harman’s nefarious scheme, he becomes furious at Aman. Harman makes a stupid error, which results in his being caught in front of the Baggas.


Let’s experience the written update for the latest sequence of the gratifying television broadcast Ajooni brought on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Harman Gets Caught is the label of the up-to-date episode number S1 E44.


Aman provides Harvinder shampoo at the start of the episode. Harvinder walks along a trail. Ajooni questions Aman in the kitchen about Rajveer’s breakfast. She hears from Chamko that she succeeded. Ajooni is present when Harman arrives.

She finds out that the home is without the cheese. She chastises Aman. She claims Rajveer won’t eat anything without curd as she exits the kitchen, Ajooni. Aman and Chamko serve breakfast. Rajveer requests curd.

There isn’t any curd in the home, according to Aman. Ravinder reprimands them. Bebe makes fun of Aman and Harman. She inquires as to Ajooni’s whereabouts. Harman informs her that Ajooni ran away after learning about curd.

Rajveer claims he does not want curd. He receives curd from Ajooni. They exchange grins (the title song plays in the background ). Rajveer consumes his meal. Harvinder shouts in the background.

In the hallway, everyone congregates. They are stunned when they see Harvinder’s hairless head. Harvinder’s illness is attributed to Aman. She is asked what she added to the shampoo, and he says. Bebe informs Aman that she won’t be spared.

According to Aman, she did nothing. At Babe’s request, Chamko brings the whip. Harvinder is prevented from whipping Aman by Ajooni. She claims to have given Aman that shampoo. The whip is taken from him by her and thrown aside.

Harvinder claims Ajooni is responsible for his existence. Ravinder is prompted to speak by Harman. She claims that Ajooni has exceeded all restrictions. According to Ajooni, she did not combine anything with the shampoo. She explains to Rajveer that she ought to have used the shampoo.

If she used the shampoo at that time, she claims she would be the victim. According to Harman, Ajooni began her drama. Harvinder queries what is going on in his head. He declares that he must go to see Shikha. Ravinder assures him that he will see that the offender loses his hair.

He queries Ajooni whether her actions were motivated by her opposition to Harvinder’s second marriage. Ajooni stands her ground. She dupes Harman. Harman says it out loud. Harman is glared at by Ravinder and Harvinder.

Ravinder queries Harman about the brand of shampoo. Harman informs him that she is unsure. He reveals to her that she has planned everything for Ajooni. He tells Chamko to bring shampoo and water in a bucket. Harman’s hair is covered with water by Ravinder.

He’s preparing to wash Harman’s hair with shampoo. Ajooni catches him. He is urged to pardon Harman by her. She claims that Harman committed the act out of hatred for her. She claims she does not want Harman to be punished in this manner.

She claims that Harman should be treated with respect since she is the daughter-in-law and Lakshmi of this home. Ajooni is correct, according to Rajveer. He requests some comment from Harvinder. Harvinder doesn’t say anything. Harman begs Harman to check on her sister.

He begs Ravinder to keep Harman safe. Ravinder tells Harman to quit carrying out her evil schemes.