Ajooni 15th Sep Written Update β€” Dolly Consumes Vinegar

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While this is happening, Dolly accidently drinks vinegar, which causes Rajveer to have a love hallucination. After some time has passed, Ajooni brings Aman to the hospital for an examination.


Get the written update for the current scene of the nice show Ajooni reported on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Dolly Consumes Vinegar is the headline of the freshest episode number S1 E45.


Rajveer praises Ajooni for forgiving Harman at the start of the episode. He hears from Ajooni that she has just made the proper decision. He informs her that he has a gift for her. He presents the engagement ring that he purchased. She requests that he place it on her finger.

Hearing her, he grinned. She receives the ring from him. On her finger, he gives her a kiss. It turns out to be his fantasy as they are ready to kiss. Educating her about the ring He leaves it on the table but retains it.

She has the ring. Harman has complete vision. She compliments Ajooni’s playing, saying it is excellent. According to her, Ajooni even deceived Ravinder. She informs her that the latter is attempting to destroy the family but that she will not let her succeed.

However, Beeji cautions Dolly against consuming too much iced water. Dolly reprimands her. Upon viewing the dead bug, Meher screams. Dolly grabs the insect, startling Meher. When Bharat was shaving, Meher ran into him.

His cheek sustains a wound. Meher offers him his regrets. Beeji reprimands Meher. Bharat admits that it was his error and exits the building. Dolly thinks it was her fault, but Bharat, who was innocent, took the fall for it.

Aman is advised to visit the hospital for a test, according to Ajooni. She claims that if Harvinder experiences issues, Shikha would also have problems. She persuades the woman to visit a hospital. Meher is getting ready to hydrate. Her mother, however, intervenes, claiming that vinegar was added to the water bottle.

She claims she is relieved Meher did not drink the water because if she had, the latter would have gone deaf. Meher realised that Dolly had sipped water from that bottle. Dolly complains to her pal about Ajooni’s family. She sips the water once more. Meher asks her not to drink, but she refuses.

Dolly begins to sneeze. She’s mute and unable to talk. Meher dials each person. Ajooni’s mother sees the empty water bottle. If Meher does not stop Dolly, she asks him why.

Meher informs her that despite her efforts to stop Dolly, the latter ignored her. When Bharat finds out that Dolly ate vinegar, Dolly is taken to the hospital. Ajooni informs Aman that she has a doctor’s appointment. Harman inquires as to their destination. Ajooni tells her a falsehood that they are heading to a temple.

Harman informs her that God would not hear her plea since Harvinder’s marriage will take place no matter what. Aman and Ajooni depart from the residence. Dolly remarks at the hospital that it seems she must have surgery. She is urged not to use such words by Bharat. Ajooni and Aman check into the same hospital.

Aman is urged not to be alarmed by Ajooni. She assures us that everything will be OK. Aman informs her that they must go back. Ajooni informs her that she must take the exam. Dolly notices Aman and Ajooni. She wonders what they are doing there.