Ajooni 19th Sep Written Update โ€” Rajveer Stands for Ajooni

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As Sikha mistreats Aman, Ajooni lashes out at her and calls her names. Later on, when Ravinder asks Rajveer to punish Ajooni for her behaviour with Sikha, Rajveer defends Ajooni against Ravinder’s suggestion.


Let us explore the written update for the freshly released scene of the magnificent television broadcast Ajooni introduced on Monday, 19th September 2022. Rajveer Stands for Ajooni is the label of the modern episode number S1 E48.


The first scene of the episode is Harvinder telling Aman to leave the room. Ajooni confronts him with the question, “What are you doing? ” He informs her that he is required to speak with Shikha. She requests that Shikha wait outside in the foyer.

He reprimands her for instructing Shikha to wait outside the building. He is quoted as saying that Shikha would be his future wife. She brings to his attention the fact that Aman is his wife. Shikha instigates Harvinder against Ajooni.

Shikha is reprimanded by Ajooni for interfering in the relationship between Harvinder and Aman. Shikha confronts her with the question of why Aman should continue living if she is unable to make her husband happy. Even if Aman were to pass away, according to her, nobody would care about it. Ajooni hit her.

Shikha makes a call to her father and requests that he visit the Bagga residence. Ajooni requests that Rajveer call everyone together in the main hall. After some time has passed, Shikha’s father confronts Ravinder with the question of what’s going on. According to what he has said, a marriage at this time is not possible.

Ravinder stops him. He claims that he couldn’t care less if this marriage were to be called off for whatever reason. He explains to Ajooni that she would be disciplined for the error that she made. As a kind of punishment, Shikha states that she would want to smack Ajooni.

Ravinder warns her that she does not belong in this community yet. He assures Ajooni that Rajveer will discipline her in some way. He wants Rajveer to punish Ajooni. He is informed by Rajveer that he is unable to punish Ajooni.

He reveals to Shikha’s father that Ajooni struck Shikha in front of him while they were both watching. He inquires as to whether or not the latter is aware of the reason why Ajooni slapped Shikha. The man who raised Shikha has not spoken. Ravinder is advised by Rajveer that it is essential to listen to the narratives of both parties.

He exposes the deed that was committed by Harvinder and Shikha. He inquires with Shikha’s father as to what the problem was with Ajooni striking Shikha. It has been established by Shikha’s father that Rajveer is speaking the truth. Rajveer has said that he would not allow anybody to compete with Ajooni.

Shikha’s father, who is speaking on Shikha’s behalf, receives an apology from Ravinder. He believes that even now, if there isn’t a conflict between them, they should be able to be married. When Harvinder hears his name, he grins. Ravinder acknowledges Shikha’s father with a nod.

After giving Ajooni the cold shoulder, Shikha walks away from the scene. Ajooni questions Rajveer’s loyalty to Aman by asking him, “If you know what’s right and what’s wrong, why aren’t you on Aman’s side? ” Rajveer explains to her that there are a few things he is unable to do. He requests that she refrain from questioning him about other people.

He informs her that they are married and that she is his responsibility now that they are a couple. He asserts that he is able to safeguard her. After assuring her that he is able to fulfil whatever request she may have, he exits the scene. On the other hand, Dolly vows to retaliate against Meher for making fun of her in front of Surbhi by telling herself that she would punish Meher.

It seems like she is adding something to Meher’s kajal. In the meantime, Aman reveals to Ajooni that she is experiencing discomfort. Rajveer is going in the direction of bringing the doctor. Meher applies kajal and yells in anguish.

Bharat washes her eyes with a cool cloth. Neelam checks the kajal. She is aware that Dolly is the one responsible for this. Harman is introduced to Doctor Avinash.

He explains to her that Doctor Khanna instructed him to go see her. She gives him instructions to go to Aman’s bedroom. When he sees Ajooni there, it takes him by surprise.