Ajooni 20th Sep Written Update — Ravinder Gives an Ultimatum

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Ajooni provides the name of the physician who examines Aman to determine his current state of health. After some time has passed, Ravinder will then deliver a shocking revelation about Harvinder’s wedding.


Let’s experience the written update for the newly released chapter of the engrossing TV broadcast Ajooni provided on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Ravinder Gives an Ultimatum is the subtitle of the all-new episode number S1 E49.


The episode starts When Ajooni sees Avinash, and she is astonished. She thinks back on the times she spent with him. She learns from Avinash that Doctor Khanna sent him to look after Aman. He looks Aman over. Rajveer’s phone is answered, and she tells him that the doctor will be there shortly.

She enquires about Aman’s health from Avinash. She learns from Avinash that he shot Aman. He is led to the hallway by her. She asks Harman for the doctor’s costs. She was assaulting Ajooni and Harman.

She enters after giving Avinash money. He inquires about Ajooni’s well-being. He claims he could comprehend what had happened to Aman. He queries her about her marriage. She advises him to leave immediately.

He then continues. Rajveer walks into the home. The sight of Avinash there infuriates him. He assaulted him for going there. It turns out Ajooni’s dream, despite her request for him to cease.

After asking Ajooni to look after Aman, Avinash departs. When Harvinder calls, Shikha ignores him. She then answers his call. He offers to apologize to her for whatever transpired. She informs him that he doesn’t need to apologize since she has been proven incorrect.

She tells him that her father reprimanded her often. He informs her that they ought to have reserved a room at the hotel. He holds Aman and Ajooni responsible for all of it. After they are married, he swears to keep her safe. She assures him that they may discuss it at a later time.

When he hears about Harvinder and Shikha, Ravinder becomes irate. Harvinder is allegedly having an extramarital affair, according to reporters. He strikes Harvinder with a fist. Rajveer asks Ravinder what occurred while everyone is gathered in the hallway. According to Ravinder, Shikha will be Harvinder’s second wife.

On his birthday, he promises to announce Harvinder’s second marriage. He tells Ajooni that she is free to do anything she wants. The exceptions are Ajooni and Aman, who stay outside. Aman is said not to worry about anything by Ajooni. Her clothes caught fire when Dolly tells her buddy about Ravinder’s birthday.

Meher observes this but says nothing. Bharat notices the iron box. If Meher is unable to assist Dolly, he asks her that. Meher informs him that Dolly would have implicated her. Dolly beams as she sees Bharat reprimanding Meher.

The next day, Ajooni queries Aman about his health. She requests that she relax. Harman instructs Aman to get up and work. She claims that she can’t trust Ajooni because she will ruin everything. She carries Aman away from it.

Ajooni informs Rajveer that she cannot see Aman in this way. She asserts that she won’t let this union take place. Rajveer asks her to remain silent. She learns from him that Ravinder’s birthday is today. He instructs her not to act in front of visitors.

She explains to him that she is unable to permit any misfortune. She is told not to count on his help, and he then departs. Harvinder, meanwhile, discards Aman’s belongings. He instructs Aman to leave his room.