Ajooni 21st Sep Written Update β€” Good News for the Baggas

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At Ravinder’s birthday celebration, he shares the happy news that Harvinder and Sikha are getting married, and Aman also shares the news that she is pregnant with Ravinder’s guests. The Baggas participate in the joyous celebration.


Get to know the written update for the newly released chapter of the fascinating telecast Ajooni provided on Wednesday, 21st September 2022. Good News for the Baggas is the pseudonym of the sweet episode number S1 E50.


The first scene of the episode has Ravinder’s PA taking care of the decorations. Dolly visits the location. He feels shocked seeing her. She confronts him with the question of how she can miss her father’s birthday celebration. Harman informs Dolly that the latter would have endured a great deal of suffering there.

Dolly explains to her that she has a present for her there. Dolly seems to be in good health, according to Rajveer. Dolly shows Harman the photograph of Avinash and Ajooni. Harman remembers the moment when she first seen Avinash inside the home. She explains to her about Avinash’s entry in the country.

Dolly advises her that they need to blow the whistle on Ajooni. Harman suggests to her that they make use of this information at the appropriate moment. According to what she has heard, Ravinder is going to make an announcement about Harvinder’s second marriage today, which means that the two of them simply cannot afford to make any mistakes. Ajooni, on the other hand, is preparing herself. Rajveer helps her to wear necklace.

She attempts to have a conversation with him about Avinash, but Rajveer’s buddy interrupts the conversation and drags Rajveer away. In the meanwhile, Harman inquires of Ravinder on the possibility of him announcing Harvinder’s marriage. Ravinder cautions her against making any attempts to instruct him on the proper behaviour he should exhibit. He excuses himself by saying that it is his birthday today, therefore he won’t smack her. He offers her a complement.

The visitors were invited by Harvinder. There are members of Shikha’s family that go there. Ravinder takes vengeance on the person who took the photograph of Harvinder and Shikha. Ravinder’s birthday celebration will start at a later time. He claims that he would want to make an announcement about something.

He makes the announcement that Harvinder is going to be married for the second time, this time to Shikha. Ajooni breaks the news to him that their intended marriage cannot take place. She requests of Aman that he speak the truth to each and every person. Aman has informed us that she is expecting a child. Ravinder hears from Ajooni that Aman is pregnant, hence there is no longer a need for Harvinder to marry a second time.

Ravinder requests that Aman say the sentence once again. Aman lets him know that she is expecting a child. He gets thrilled hearing her. Bebe grins. Ravinder congratulates Harvinder.

He explains to Shikha’s father that the marriage cannot take place at this time since Aman is expecting a child. The man is questioned by Shikha’s father about how the latter might call off the wedding. Ravinder brings to his attention the fact that he previously said that he is arranging Harvinder’s second marriage in order to have a grandchild. He claims that Aman is now pregnant with their child. Harvinder informs him that just he and the latter only a few minutes ago made the announcement about getting married.

He inquires as to the manner in which the latter may step back. Ravinder gives him a rebuke. He praises Aman. He assures her that this is the nicest birthday he has ever had. He expresses how thankful he is for the gift that she gave him.

He makes it clear to her that she reigns supreme in this home. He instructs his personal assistant to provide everyone with goodies. Shikha is presented with some sweets by Rajveer. Shikha shoots him and Harvinder a look before walking away from the scene. Ravinder feeds sweet to Harvinder.

He requests that he show some joy. He breaks the news to Harman that she will soon become a grandmother. He extends an offer of confections to both her and Bebe. Ravinder receives a present from Subhash. Ravinder suggests that Dolly spend a few nights at his home while he is away.

He claims that Harman would be travelling to the temple so that Dolly may look for Aman in his absence. He receives a nod from Subhash. Ravinder orders Aman to be the one to cut the cake. He blesses her.