Ajooni 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Rajveer Loses His Temper

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Dolly snares her prey in a crafty way. A short circuit causes Aman to get an electric shock later on in the kitchen. Rajveer erupts in a fit of wrath whenever Dr. Avinash Khanna comes to visit the Bagga home.


Learn the written update for the different chapter of the mesmerizing TV broadcast Ajooni circulated on Friday, 23rd September 2022. Rajveer Loses His Temper is the label of the freshly published episode number S1 E52.


Harvinder points a pistol at Aman at the start of the episode. He tells her she should be glad now that his marriage is over. He claims that simply because she is pregnant, she cannot live like a queen. He claims he does not want this kid. He claims she must die since his second marriage cannot occur until she is alive.

He informs her that he will marry Shikha regardless of the cost. He collapses on the bed and loses consciousness. Dolly instructs Chamko to stand outside the kitchen the next day. She serves the mixer’s wire. She believes Ajooni will be unable to flee this time.

Meanwhile, Ajooni informs God that everyone is content. She observes Aman’s tears. She inquires as to why the latter is sobbing. Aman tells her that Harvinder is upset with her. She claims that Harvinder still wants to marry Shikha.

Ajooni informs her that Harvinder’s attitude toward his kid will change. Harvinder expresses his feelings for Shikha. Shikha reports that he remained mute when Ravinder called off the marriage. He informs her that he remained quiet since it was Ravinder’s birthday celebration. She mocks him.

She seems to be weeping. She claims to have fantasized about marrying him. He assured her that he would do everything for her. He informs her that he must forget about Aman if he wants to marry her. He tells her that he forgot about Aman.

He directs Aman to fetch him banana sake. Dolly requests that Ajooni create mango sake for her. Aman announces to Ajooni that she wants a mixer. Ajooni requests that she utilize it. She goes to serve Ravinder tea.

He instructs her to look after Aman. He requests Dolly’s assistance. He asks that she bring his slippers. She hands him his slipper. He praises her for her tea.

Aman is shocked by the electricity. Aman is saved by Ajooni. Aman falls unconscious. Ajooni dials Rajveer’s number. Rajveer accompanied Aman to her room.

Ravinder inquires as to what happened to Aman. Ajooni informs him of everything. Dolly instructs Ravinder to contact the doctor. Harvinder declares that he cannot live without Shikha. He expresses his desire to meet with her.

Ravinder thrashed him. He orders Rajveer to smash Harvinder’s phone if he speaks to Shikha again. He tells Harvinder not to speak with Shikha. He chastises Ajooni for failing to look after Aman. Dr.

Avinash arrives. Rajveer notices him. Ravinder requests that Avinash treat Aman with respect. From there, he takes Rajveer. He inquires as to what is going on in his home.

Dolly is terrified when she hears him. Rajveer chastises Dolly for phoning Avinash. Dolly should have called Lady Doctor, Ravinder says. Dolly claims that Avinash came to see Aman the last time. Avinash inquires about Ajooni’s living situation at this property.

Ajooni informs him that she can look after herself and that Rajveer is there to help her. Ravinder asks about Avinash’s kidnapping. Avinash assures him that Aman is in good health. He requests that he transport Aman to the hospital for a test. Ravinder instructs Ajooni to transport Aman to the hospital.