Ravinder Lashes Out at Harvinder β€” Ajooni 27th Sep Written Update

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Harvinder is beaten by Ravinder, who accuses Harvinder of being involved in the incident at the hospital. When Rajveer discovers that Ajooni and Avinash are having a private talk, he erupts in a fit of wrath.


Explore the written update for the freshest episode of the fun telecast Ajooni released on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. Ravinder Lashes Out at Harvinder is the label of the cool episode number S1 E55.


Harvinder scolds Wardboy for breaking his plan at the start of the episode. Ward boy informs him that Avinash and Ajooni have rescued Aman. Harvinder claims that he must first deal with Ajooni. On the other hand, Aman praises Avinash for lying to Baggas on her behalf and asks him not to tell anybody about it. He swears to keep her identity secret. She requests Ajooni not to inform Rajveer about it.

Ajooni pledges not to inform Rajveer about it. Ravinder walks inside the home. Bebe inquires about Aman’s kid. Harman asks about Ravinder’s well-being. She requests that he say anything. Ravinder claims to have lost his grandson.

He informs Bebe that the doctor was unable to rescue Aman’s kid. He mentions assaults. Bebe and Harman blame Ajooni. Dolly tells Bebe that she instructed Ajooni to prepare a milkshake, but Aman used the mixer and received an electric shock. Ravinder is taken aback when he hears her. He inquires as to her intentions.

Harman attempts to divert the subject. He informs her that the person responsible for the death of his grandchild will not be spared. Ajooni tells Rajveer that she will not be attending the home party. Rajveer makes fun of her. She informs him that Avinash assisted her in rescuing Aman. She claims she would not have done anything on her own.

She requests that he take her from there and offers her food. He invites her to eat with Avinash and then departs. Harvinder walks inside the home. He inquires from Harman about Aman’s health. If he doesn’t know something, Harman asks. He inquires as to what transpired.

Ravinder launches slippers at him. He dials his number. Harvinder challenges as to why he is phoning him. Bebe questions Ravinder about what is going on here. Ravinder instructs Harvinder to tell Bebe the truth. He thrashed him.

Everyone begs him to protect Harvinder. Harvinder, according to Ravinder, murdered his grandson. Harvinder inquires as to what evidence he has. Ravinder claims he heard Harvinder’s phone ringtone while in the hospital. Harman informs him that he would have misunderstood Harvinder. According to Harvinder, many individuals share the same ringtone.

Harman claims that if Harvinder had intended to murder Aman, he would have done it at home. Bebe requests that Ravinder refrain from suspicion. Ravinder informs Harvinder that he is leaving him because he lacks evidence. Bebe requests that Dolly goes to sleep. Ajooni informs Rajveer that she has to use the restroom. Ward boy, meanwhile, keeps a snake on Aman’s bed.

A snake bit Aman. Rajveer notices Ajooni conversing with Avinash. Ajooni informs Avinash that this information should be kept private. Avinash pledges to keep the information confidential. A nurse shouts after sighting a snake. Ajooni discovers a snake bite mark and notifies Avinash about it.

Avinash leaves to deliver the antidote. Aman may die before Avinash returns, according to the nurse. Ajooni cleanses Aman’s body of the toxin. Ward boy collides with Avinash, who drops the antidote. Avinash chastises him and requests that he bring another one. Rajveer notices this. Avinash inquires about Ajooni’s whereabouts. He holds her as she passes out. Rajveer shows up.