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Get the written update for the sweet scene of the pleasing TV drama Anandiba Aur Emily delivered on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on StarPlus. Aarav Requests Emily to Flee is the designation of the today’s episode number S1 E50.


After Emily’s Bidaai, Anandibaa chooses to officiate Pinky and Aarav’s wedding. To salvage their marriage, Aarav begs Emily to leave the home.


The episode begins with Anandibaa reconsidering her choice to wed Emily to Chirag. While Gunjan overhears her discussion and rushes to her, she convinces herself that she doesn’t feel well. She uses the latter as leverage against Emily and declares that Anandibaa made the right choice. She claims that the people of Gondal would cease honouring Anandibaa if she changes her mind.

Anandibaa becomes concerned, and Gunjan declares that when Emily and Chirag leave, people will continue to inquire about Aarav’s wife. Anandibaa becomes concerned after hearing Gunjan’s warning that Aarav’s life would be destroyed and decides to arrange for his marriage to Pinky. Gunjan is thrilled to learn of Anandibaa’s choice in this situation. She is delighted and immediately accepts it.

She dances with Pinky while rushing to inform him that her scheme was successful. She expresses her joy and predicts that Emily will soon leave the family, Pinky will marry Aarav, and they will both take control of the household. Pinky also expresses her eagerness to wed Aarav, but she later expresses worry that Anandibaa will discover their ruse. She wonders what would happen if Sanghanis discovered that Gunjan was the mastermind behind everything.

The latter then confronts Pinky and berates her for her negative outlook. She resolves to ignore Pinky for mental calm after becoming weary of her foolishness. Pinky becomes enraged elsewhere as she considers Anandibaa’s choice. She requests that God appear before her.

She declares that he is not assisting her in any way and begins packing her belongings. Her baggage was then mysteriously removed, and God suddenly materialised in front of her. He exhorts her to defend her rights and alleges that she is not standing up for both herself and the person she loves. When Emily and Payal descend the stairs, they encounter Gunjan and Pinky.

Payal begins chatting with them and shares her life story. As Emily and Gunjan go to the market, Aarav resolves to meet Emily and persuade her to leave so that she might be rescued from being married to Chirag. He declares that he must prevent her from being married to anybody else, or else his trip to America would be ruined. Aarav and Jaman can see Emily and Gunjan in the distance.

While Aarav fears speaking to Emily in private, the latter continues to follow her. Gunjan was somehow involved, and they removed Emily after that. They flee from Gunjan, who phones Inspector Sangeetha to report the incident after becoming alarmed. The latter decides to locate Emily and alert her of Chirag and his family’s impending arrival to Anandibaa’s home.

Sangeetha promises to protect Emily from harm and to deliver her to Chirag and his family securely. Aarav advises Emily to leave the area, but she refuses, saying that they will have to defend one another in battle. While he asserts that Anandibaa can do anything to carry out his command, she adds that she couldn’t picture him marrying Pinky. Additionally, both Emily and Aarav get concerned.

He pretends to be in love with her and thinks of his desire to go to America while she declares her love for him. He makes the decision to rescue Emily from Chirag and tries to persuade her to leave Gondal, but she rejects his arguments. In the meantime, Inspector Sangeetha shows up and accompanies Gunjan to Emily’s location.