Aarav, Emily to Expose Chirag β€” Anandiba Aur Emily | 31 Aug

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Get the written update for the another sequence of the captivating TV drama Anandiba Aur Emily voiced on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on StarPlus. Aarav, Emily to Expose Chirag is the moniker of the all-new episode number S1 E51.


After learning Chirag’s true occupation, Aarav and Chamaniya become aware of his deception. Later, Aarav asks Emily to consent to Chirag’s marriage in order to reveal his fictitious family.


The episode opens with Aarav pleading with Emily to leave Gondal, but she refuses. While Aarav is in trouble, she declares that she solely loves him and accepts their marriage. She also declares that she doesn’t want to travel with Chirag and his family. When Emily went missing, Gunjan and Sangeeta set out to locate her.

Aarav and Jaman hide from them in order to protect themselves when they spot her and confront the latter. Sangeeta and Gunjan searched for Aarav but were unable to do so. They interrogate Emily, who then chooses to return home after remembering Lord Krishna’s instruction to confront her troubles. When Aarav considers Emily being married to Chirag, he becomes depressed.

He laments to Jaman that his goal of traveling to America will never come true. At that moment, they discovered Chirag’s true job after seeing his poster. They express their amazement and accuse him of keeping the truth from them. Jaman recollects that Chirag claimed to be an actor, even though he really worked for an insurance company.

They chuckle and try to learn his whole past. In the meantime, Emily runs into Anandibaa and inquires as to whether or not she truly wants to leave the home and go with Chirag. The latter goes through some anguish before declaring that she always stands up for the truth. Since she married Chirag before Aarav, she advises Emily to go with them.

Emily makes failed attempts to persuade Anandibaa in other places. Sanghanis decorates the home in preparation for Emily’s bidaai while she leaves the area. While Pinky arrives there prepared as a bride and becomes thrilled to marry Aarav, Gunjan is eager to get rid of Emily. When Jhalpa imagines Chirag marrying Emily, she becomes terrified.

Harsha reassures her that it was all a lie and that she would only ever be his bride. Jhalpa counsels them to leave the area, but Chintan forewarns that Sangeeta may not abandon them if she becomes suspicious. While Gulao celebrates the event, they put on a good show for the visitors. Aarav and Jaman then ask Emily to wed Chirag, shocking the latter as they do so.

Emily learns the reality from Aarav that Chirag and his whole family are actors, and that they must be outed in public. He confesses that Chirag is already married to Jhalpa and recounts how he learned about their ruse. As a result of her shock, Emily accepts Aarav’s proposal. When Jaman hears someone discussing their scheme, he tells Aarav and Emily to keep quiet.

He approaches the door and identifies the individual as Payal. She claims to have heard their idea and is eager to assist them. She makes a promise to keep it a secret from other people and joins Aarav, Jaman, and Emily in their scheme to out Chirag and put an end to the marital strife. Aarav also takes Emily downstairs and says she’s sorry she couldn’t go to the wedding of Emily and Chirag because she was drunk.

He pretends to be there for their wedding and asks Chirag to wed Emily in front of everyone. Chirag is horrified, and Jhalpa rejects his proposal. Aarav gestures to Jhalpa and inquires as to her problems, while Emily smirks. Later, he becomes anxious and turns to face Chirag.