Anandiba Aur Emily 7th September 2022 Written Update — Gunjan to Expose Aarav

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Get to read the written update for the most modern section of the mesmerizing TV drama Anandiba Aur Emily propagated on Wednesday, 7th September 2022. Gunjan to Expose Aarav is the label of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E57.


Anandiba Aur Emily 7 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E57
Title: Gunjan to Expose Aarav
Summary Because Emily forced everyone to drink wine, Anandibaa wants to have her removed from the group. In a different context, Gunjan had the intention of disclosing the reason Aarav chose to marry Emily.


Aarav thanks Emily for making Anandibaa and Kalandi drunk to put a stop to their arguments at the beginning of the episode. In contrast, he needs the help of Aagya and Gulab to put Anandiba and Kalandi in their chamber. Gunjan, meanwhile, becomes enthused as she considers her scheme and declares that Emily will soon leave the home. She grinned and waited for Anandibaa to awaken so she could expel Emily from the home for making them drunk.

Emily enters Anandibaa’s room, out of concern for her response. She notices the flute-playing Lord Krishna seated there. He is asked how he can be so peaceful. Here, Emily expresses her anxiety and predicts how Anandibaa will respond once she comes to her senses.

God, however, implores her to embrace her error fearlessly. He encourages her to own her mistakes and assures her that everything will turn out well. She shows her faith in him by entering Anandibaa’s chamber in the meantime. Gulab admits to Anandibaa that she acted well around him for the first time when under the influence.

She glares at him and motions for him to go. She clenches her fist and snaps at Emily for pressuring her to consume booze. She accuses the latter of drinking, which Emily refutes. Emily admits her error and vows not to make the same mistake again.

She claims Gunjan directed her to add alcohol to the soup, and Anandibaa observes the latter while she speaks. Gunjan confronts her and stands her ground. She claims Emily must have been perplexed by the names of the spices since she was unable to comprehend them. Anandibaa admonished Emily to leave the residence.

She declares she is unable to confine the latter to her home any longer as she becomes concerned. Kalandi arrives at that point and stands up for Emily. She argues the latter made it possible for them to reconnect and maintains that she deserves a second chance. She asks Anandibaa to pardon her, and he consents.

In the distance, Emily embraces Anandibaa with excitement. Jaman questions Aarav about his love for Emily, but he denies it and admits that all he wants is to go to America. He tells Jaman that Emily is his passport to America and reminds him of his desire. After hearing it, Gunjan and Pinky plan to use it to set Emily and Aarav apart from one another.

Aarav tells Jaman that he feels nothing for Emily, and Gunjan sends Pinky to get a phone to record what he says. Jaman questions his motives and refuses to accept his remarks, while Aarav becomes engrossed in thoughts of Emily. Pinky and Gunjan could not record his confession in the meantime. Aarav also prepares green tea for Emily.

Gunjan attempts to get him to reveal why he chose Emily. She queries him about his desire to go to America and about Emily, but he tells her falsehoods about his feelings for Emily. She is upset, but she decides to make things confusing for him and Emily.