Anandibaa Aur Emily 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Emily Has a Plan

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the funky installment of the savory TV serial Anandibaa Aur Emily printed on Saturday, 3rd September 2022 on StarPlus. Emily Has a Plan is the pseudonym of the ahead of the game episode number S1 E54.


When Anandibaa finds out that Kalandi has been in Gondal, she loses her cool and becomes hostile. Emily has allowed herself to be influenced by Gunjan, and as a result, she intends to bring Kalandi back to her house.


The episode opens with Jaman informing Aarav about Kalandi’s presence. Aarav is horrified and declares that his mother would be indignant upon learning of it. Jaman also informs him of further negative news as the latter becomes upset and cries out for favourable developments. While Pinky and Gunjan display Anandibaa Emily’s picture album. They attempt to turn her against Emily by showing images of her pals drinking.

Anandibaa notes that Emily isn’t observed consuming the booze and says she can’t be held accountable without concrete evidence. Gunjan informs Anandibaa that Emily is very shrewd since she chose not to take any photos that they might use against her. Aarav, meanwhile, arrives at that moment and displays the herbal tonic he bought for Emily. Instructing Anandibaa to take it whenever she feels poorly and promising that it would unquestionably speed her recovery, he delivers it to her. Additionally, Anandibaa is informed by Aarav about Kalandi’s presence, and the latter is enraged.

She refuses to attend her son’s wedding and forbids anybody from bringing up her name. She claims she is enraged with Kalandi for her previous error and refuses to show her mercy. She walks away while crying since she misses her sister Kalandi. Gunjan grins and informs Pinky about their upcoming relocation to another location. She makes the bold assertion that they will persuade Emily to use the hair accessories that are stored in the shop area.

She claims that if Emily did this, Anandibaa would grow upset with her and reprimand her. She chuckles as she considers putting up barriers between Emily and Anandibaa. Pinky approaches Gunjan while sporting the hair ornaments that Kalandi wore, and she becomes irate with Gunjan for attempting to give Emily the item instead of her. When Pinky is asked to take it off by the astonished kitten, she refuses and claims that it fits her. Pinky is there when Anandibaa arrives and sees him.

She takes the ornament from her and lashes out at her for wearing Kalandi’s ornament. If Pinky makes the same mistake again, she threatens to evict her from the residence. On the way, Pinky becomes dejected and Gunjan becomes irritated with her sister. After remembering their disagreements, Anandibaa recounts her interactions with Kalandi and declares she would never be forgiven. Gunjan, on the other hand, provides delicious food for everyone and purposefully raves about Kalandi in front of Emily.

She counsels the latter to reunite the two sisters and promises it will happen. Gunjan tells Emily a fib, saying that she saw Anandibaa missing Kalandi and has asked the latter to take action. While God praises Emily and asks her to do what she feels is right, Emily discusses her concern with him and asks for a solution. Jaman introduces himself to Kalandi when she arrives at his hotel. She asks for space while paying him no attention.

Furthermore, Kalandi forbids Jaman from using Anandibaa’s name when he speaks about her in front of her. She sees glimpses of their joyful times but then stays away from them. When Emily arrives, Kalandi bestows his blessings upon her. She informs her about Anandibaa’s suffering and begs Kalandi to go see the Sanghanis. She demands that she take the initiative and promises that Anandibaa will undoubtedly apologise to her.

Kalandi, though, denies doing it. She tells Emily that she promised not to go to Anandibaa’s house and that she won’t break her promise.