Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” A Shock of Anandibaa

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Get the written update for the up-to-the-minute episode of the delightsome show Anandibaa Aur Emily provided on Monday, 5th September 2022. A Shock of Anandibaa is the pseudonym of the freshest episode number S1 E55.


The arrival of Kalandi to Sanghani Bhavan in response to Emily’s plea causes Anandibaa to experience shock. Emily comes up with a strategy to end the tension that’s been going on between Anandibaa and Kalandi.


Emily meets Kalandi at the beginning of the episode and accepts her blessings. The latter demands Kalandi call Anandibaa and tell her how much she misses her. In response to Emily’s plea, Kalandi remembers her promise to never go to the Sanghani’s home. Emily becomes upset and considers several methods to persuade her as she shares her choice with her and states that she no longer wants to confront Anandibaa. Anandibaa, according to Kalandi, will undoubtedly realise her error, but she won’t return to her home.

According to her, Anandibaa should regret clashing with her. Here, Kalandi expresses her joy at seeing Emily and bestows her with another blessing. She rises from the chair and makes her way to the shop’s door while Emily anxiously follows. She considers many approaches to persuading Kalandi but is unable to succeed. In the meantime, Kalandi is startled when she suddenly hears the dog.

Kalandi is terrified as she looks at Emily and wonders whether a dog is there. When Emily notices Kalandi’s dread, she chooses to violate her commitment. She tells Kalandi a falsehood, saying there is a large dog behind her and forbids her from looking at it because it could bite her. Kalandi approaches Emily after becoming frightened. In another location, Emily accompanies Kalandi and helps her enter Sanghani’s home.

Emily apologises to Kalandi and says she’s willing to accept any penalty as she realises the truth. She demands that Kalandi face Anandibaa once. She declares that they will both quickly forget their argument. Gunjan and Pinky talk about their strategy, and Pinky smirks as she considers kicking Emily out of the home. Pinky declares her intention to wed Aarav, but Gunjan begs her not to reveal their secret plan out loud since it would get them into trouble.

Pinky is asked by Gunjan to keep her lips shut when she becomes enraged. Ahead, Kalandi enters Sanghani’s home, shocking everyone in the process. Gunjan smirks as she sees her plan come together, while Emily claims that it would be a surprise for Anandibaa. After a lengthy separation, Anandiba and Kalandi get emotional and draw closer to one another. They were ready to raise their hands when they abruptly turned aside and faced one another.

After a disagreement, Kalandi asks Anandibaa to apologise, but Anandibaa refuses and says she will never be forgiven for what happened in the past. As she tells Emily that she has still not recognised Emily as her daughter-in-law, Anandibaa reprimands Emily for bringing Kalandi. Gunjan and Pinky are entertained by the drama, while Kalandi wants to leave but is stopped by Emily, who says that it’s also her home. Anandibaa’s chamber is also stopped and taken by Kalandi, who also allows Gunjan to use Anandibaa against Emily. While Emily informs Anandibaa of her objectives and says that Gunjan informed her about Kalandi, While Kalandi tells Emily about her and Anandibaa’s happy times, the latter puts up a fiction to protect herself.

Anandibaa and Kalandi come to watch while Emily makes a game for her and Payal to play.