Anandibaa Aur Emily 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Gunjan on a Mission

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Read the written update for the most modern webisode of the gratifying television broadcast Anandibaa Aur Emily reported on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Gunjan on a Mission is the tag of the all-new episode number S1 E58.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E58
Title: Gunjan on a Mission
Summary Gunjan devises a strategy to ruin Emily and Aarav’s life by getting Aarav to acknowledge the reality of the situation. Later on, Aarav makes arrangements for Emily to go on a date.


Anandibaa worries about Gulab and confronts Payal about him at the beginning of the episode. She regrets her actions and thinks back on how she responded to him. Payal, however, reveals to her that he visited a dentist to get his teeth treated. Anandibaa expresses her feelings to Payal, who advises her to contact Gulab and inquire about him.

The latter accepts and dials Gulab while having the doctor answer the phone on his behalf. The dentist speaks to Anandibaa with his mouth open as he continues examining Gulab’s teeth. The words are translated for her by Payal since she could not comprehend anything. Anandibaa is astonished and wonders whether Payal can grasp what Gulab says at this point.

The latter responds well to this. She informs them that he used to take their money and never give it back, so they come and beat him. She continues by describing how they used to hurt him and make it impossible for him to talk clearly. As a result, she also began to comprehend his well-informed remarks.

After being pleased by Payal, Anandibaa asks Gulab to come home after his appointment. Emily decides to make the red velvet cake and checks the ingredients in the meantime. At that point, Gunjan arrives and attempts to turn her against Aarav deliberately. She implies that he doesn’t love her, contrary to Emily’s assumption that she was referring to Aagya.

Aarav approaches Emily when she is flirting with him in another area. When Gunjan notices her, she raises an eyebrow and wonders, “Who were they talking about? ” Gunjan becomes irritated, and Emily responds by assuming Aagya’s name. Aagya arrives at that point and appreciates the artist’s work rather than Gunjan’s.

She steers clear of him and leaves the area. The cake is made by Emily, eager to present it to Lord Krishna. She declines to reveal the substances she used when he complements her and inquires about the components she used. He explains to her that, in a similar vein, he is also unable to update her on the future constantly.

He is puzzled by his remark and claims she no longer needs to meet him. Aagya returns to the home, where she feeds Payal and Anandibaa veggies. He talks of going to the dentist and claims to have even made a payment. He remembers taking cash out of the doctor’s desk drawer and giving it to him specifically for therapy.

Additionally, he talks about his experience, claiming that the injection the dentist used to extract his teeth forced him to be honest. When Gunjan and Pinky discover the infusion, they plan to get it from the dentist and administer it to Aarav to get him to reveal his actual motivations to Emily. Gunjan smirks as she plans her scheme and brings Pinky along to the dentist so she may steal the injection. Additionally, Aarav conceals Emily’s cake while persuading her to go on a date with him.

He asks Jaman for assistance, but the latter offers him a different thought. Pinky pretends to be in pain while Gunjan grabs an injection from the dentist, and both sisters flee the scene. Aarav, on the other hand, gets ready for Emily’s date and intends to surprise her. Gunjan and Pinky watch for the precise moment to administer the medication to Aarav.