Anupama 20th Sep Written Update β€” Anupama Voices Her Opinion

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While Anuj can’t wait to see Anupama, Anuj’s family is becoming more concerned about the scenario as it unfolds. Anupama eventually becomes angry when she feels as if she is being taken for granted.


Let us explore the written update for the newest sequence of the immersing show Anupama voiced on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Anupama Voices Her Opinion is the designation of the most recently published episode number S1 E687.


Kavya has a conversation with Vanraj in today’s episode. They both feel terrible for betraying Anupama. Vanraj claims that the action taken by Paritosh made him aware of the mistakes he committed with Anupama. He feels remorse, but he claims that males often follow the pattern and don’t feel regret in the same way. Kavya inquires about Vanraj’s thoughts about their partnership by asking him about it.

She examines whether or not Vanraj has any regrets about his choice and whether or not he would carry it out again. After waking up from Anupama’s existence, Vanraj admits to Kavya that he has always loved Anupama and that he always will. He continues by saying that he is aware of his error with Anupama. Vanraj claims that he has a connection with Anupama because of their children, but he is confident that whatever the latter has been through in the past, it would have been hard for her to reexperience it because of Paritosh. Kavya believes that Anupama is powerful, but if she hadn’t had Anuj and Anu at her side, she likely would have collapsed under the pressure.

Anupama puts Kinjal to sleep. She asks God to watch over them constantly. Anupama communicates with Anuj and Anu through a voice note. Kavya bring tea for Anupama. Despite her many insults, she is grateful to Anupama for managing the situation at Shah’s residence.

Anupama is relieved that someone took the time to express gratitude. Kavya asks Anupama to go back home after Kinjal wakes up. Dolly is now seated next to Kinjal. She is concerned about how she would deal with Kinjal while Anupama is gone. Anupama inquires of Leela as to whether or not she needs anything.

Leela approaches Anupama with a request to have her poisoned. Vanraj urges Leela to relax. Pakhi asserts that Rakhi remained quiet while being aware of the facts, but Anupama released the information because she desired popularity. She casts suspicion on Anupama. Anupama asks Pakhi and Leela not to say anything if they are in the dark about anything.

She also adds It’s a good thing that Leela didn’t have to go through what she and Kinjal did; she should be glad for that. Pakhi claims that Anupama stole her family in the past, and now she has taken Arya’s family away from her. Anupama begs Pakhi to quit misbehaving. She adds that a kid like her wishes for a mother to suffer, regardless of how wrong a father may be. Anupama lectures Pakhi.

Anuj search for Anupama. GK informs Anuj that Anupama is now staying at the Shah house due to his permission. Anuj worries about why he doesn’t recall. He gets Anupama’s voice note. Pakhi tells Anupama that she can forgive Vanraj and Paritosh from their responsibilities.

Anupama tells Pakhi that if she ever finds herself in a circumstance like this, she should be understanding toward her spouse. God forbid. Pakhi asserts that she is capable of handling the situation. Anupama questions Pakhi about remembering her word. She said she doesn’t come to the Shah home to tease anybody but rather because she loves the family.

Leela requests that Anupama refrain from coming from next. Anupama inquires of Leela as to whether or not she is sure. Leela sits, mom. Dolly asks Anupama why Kinjal is not waking up. According to Anupama, this is because Kinjal doesn’t want to confront the harsh truth. She goes back to her home in Anuj. Anuj increases Anupama’s spirits.