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Let’s enjoy the written update for the up-to-the-minute episode of the riveting show Anupama divulged on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Star Plus. Anupama Grows Anxious is the label of the ahead of the game episode number S1 E668.


When Anuj pledges to invite the Shahs to the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities, Anupama becomes concerned. Barkha and Ankush have other ideas about how to gain Anuj’s confidence.


Anupama rubs Anuj’s hand and inquires as to whether he is feeling better. It’s all right now, he adds while moving his hand. He then inquires about Little Anu’s farm house visit because he doesn’t want to postpone it. According to Anupama, they are merely delaying it.

After purchasing decorations for Ganapati Bappa’s idol, little Anu enters with GK. Anupama predicts that Anuj will create an idol on his own, just like last year. Anuj remembers the incident. Little Anu claims that even though she prayed to God last year for a content family, her family is still incomplete this year.

Anuj remembers Vanraj’s altercation. Little Anu claims that if kids fought in the ashram, they quickly made up. She expresses hope that adults will also be able to put aside their differences and find common ground. Anuj claims that Anupama made her first visit to his home during the Ganesh festival and that there were many problems there at the time; nevertheless, upon Anupama’s entrance, all of his problems were resolved.

He claims that while he had certain goals, the accident made him realise that nothing can be expected from anyone and that life is unpredictable. He is urged to let it go by Anupama. Anuj claims he wants to grant Little Anu’s request because there have recently been some improvements in their relationship. As a result, he will invite the Shahs to the festival and carry out Little Anu’s request.

Little Anu is happy. Anuj explains how her Ganeshji’s narrative exemplifies the value of family and claims that when gods place such a high priority on family, they are just human. Little Anu portrays Ganesh ji while focusing on her parents. Anuj assures her that they’ll go out shortly.

GK explains the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi. According to Anuj, Little Anu is free to invite anybody she likes. Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush ask permission to assist as well. While Anuj sits furiously, little Anu is content.

They move apart. Barkha is ashamed of herself. Ankush is hesitant to go to the office. Since Anuj’s condition is still unstable and he is still suffering attacks, Barkha advises him to keep going to the workplace because they only committed a mistake and not a sin.

This is the ideal time to win Anuj’s trust by handling office matters and making him feel as though he needs them. Kinjal visits a doctor and then goes back home. After performing her nazar, Leela advises the woman to go to the hospital as soon as labour pains begin. Little Anu gives Vanraj a gift along with a handwritten invitation to the Ganpati festivities.

If Vanraj received Little Anu’s invitation, Anuj contacts him to find out. Yes, says Vanraj. Anuj advises that they put aside their issues and begin again. Vanraj immediately concurs.

They will behave nicely this time and not engage in arm wrestling, Anuj jokes. Vanraj concurs. Anupama discusses her infant with Kinjal. Anuj claims he made the right choice.

Little Anu promises to wait for everyone. Leela claims that the choice was incorrect. According to Vanraj, when the two families get together, there is a problem, but some things are beyond their control and should be given to God. Hasmukh affirms his accuracy.

What about adolescent tigada kaam bigada, queries Leela Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush. They don’t exist for us, claims Vanraj, so we should disregard them. Leela claims that returning to Kapadias will cause problems. Barkha complains that we can’t obtain what we want until the Shahs are there, because both families quarrel and come together for the event.

Over the phone, Pakhi and Adhik express their eagerness to meet and their hope that their families will accept their marriage with the same maturity. Barkha joins Adhik and expresses her happiness that she gets along with Adhik while asking Shahs to overlook and accept the errors made by her family. Adhik ends the call. He’s on the right track, according to Barkha.

Adhik claims that no one can kick them out of the Kapadia mansion till Anupama’s frail nerve Pakhi is under their control. Anuj begins laboriously constructing Ganeshji’s idol. Anupama is behind him. A song by Morya called Lautke Tujhko Aana Hai is playing in the background.

Anuj claims that despite his vow to Anupama to never burden her, he has found himself to be a burden. He is given a warning by Anupama not to say it or she will stop speaking to him for a month. He makes the request. According to her, not even for a split second.

Both of them hope that tomorrow’s holiday celebrations will go smoothly.