Anupama 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Anupama Suspects Rakhi, Paritosh

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Get the written update for the ahead-of-the-game scene of the favorable television broadcast Anupama reported on Monday, 5th September 2022. Anupama Suspects Rakhi, Paritosh is the pseudonym of the all-new episode number S1 E674.


Concerned about Rakhi and Paritosh’s behaviour, Anupama has feelings of anxiety. She confronts Paritosh, but he ends up providing her with solace. Concerned, she opens out to Anuj about her situation.


In the current episode, Parittosh expresses regret to Rakhi. He asks Rakhi to keep his secret and declares his love for Kinjal and the child. Rakhi claims that she is pardoning him because of the baby but that she won’t do so in the future. She threatens Paritosh, stating that the next time she finds him with someone else, she will tell Anupama everything. Rakhi claims that even she is unsure of what Anupama would do with Paritosh after discovering the truth.

She diverts the conversation by expressing her happiness that Kinjal and Paritosh became parents. Paritosh stood perplexed. Anupama is seen by Paritosh and Rakhi. They question Anupama about her return. Anupama is standing, puzzled.

She claims she was without her phone. Paritosh leaves to get Anupama’s phone. What’s wrong? Rakhi is questioned by Anupama. Rakhi admits that she doesn’t know Paitosh all that well to Anupama.

Anupama will be dropped by Paritosh. Anupama remembers Rakhi’s comment. She requests that Paritosh swear to her and explain the situation. Anupama is persuaded by Paritosh that he would battle valiantly to protect his child and Kinjal. Anupama tells Paritosh that although she is persuaded, she is unsure of how she would deal with him if the reality turns out to be different from what he is claiming.

She departs the location. Paritosh stood crying. Rakhi meets the baby and Kinjal. She sobs as she remembers Paritosh’s treachery. Anupama is exhausted.

She makes the decision to get up in case Anu and Anuj are waiting for her. Lullaby is recorded by Vanraj. Why is Vanraj recording a lullaby? Kavya queries. In trying to offer his kids a decent life, Vanraj neglected to spend time with them.

He says that he will make up for the lost time with Kinjal’s child. Seeing Vanraj happy again after a long time makes Kavya joyful. Anupama is awaited by Anuj. Anuj’s lack of sleep is questioned by Anupama. Anuj declares his love for Anupama and claims that he cannot imagine his life without her.

They both cuddle and sleep together. Kavya tells Vanraj that she can sense his joy. After securing the job, Vanraj said he would bring the child to the workplace rather than leave him. Kavya chuckles. Anuj inquires about the infant.

He queries Paritosh and Rakhi’s response. Anuj learns through Anupama that Rakhi and Paritosh are keeping something secret. Anuj tells Anupama to quit thinking so much. Hasmuk and Leela talk about Rakhi’s choice to bring Kinjal back with her later. They wished Rakhi wouldn’t stir up trouble.

Anuj is supported while walking by Anupama. Anupama is congratulated by Barkha, who also advises her to sleep well since she could be tested. Anuj let Anupama know that Barkha and Ankush took care of the home while she was away. He claims he is still unable to be honest with them. Barkha is pleased that Anuj acknowledged her efforts.

Rakhi promises to do everything it takes to help Kinjal and her child.