Anupama 12th September 2022 Written Update β€” Anupama Learns about Paritosh

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The naming ceremony for the newborn infant is attended by both the Shahs and the Kapadias. After listening to a female’s voice message left on Paritosh’s phone, Anupama is astounded by what she discovers about Paritosh.


Let’s experience the written update for the different section of the thought-provoking TV broadcast Anupama delivered on Monday, 12th September 2022. Anupama Learns about Paritosh is the moniker of the up-to-date episode number S1 E680.


In the current segment, Barkha has a conversation with Ankush in which she suggests that Rakhi’s attitude suggests she would perform a drama today. Ankush inquires regarding It would seem that Barkha is speaking about Paritosh. Anuj asks Anuj whether or not he is worn out. She thinks the ceremony might take place later if he is imprisoned and allowed to recuperate.

Anuj requests that Anupama not hold up the ceremony due to him in any way. Anuj is the subject of Barkha’s request, in which she tells Anupama not to worry about him since they will look after him. Barkha has the backing of Ankush. Anupama reassures Barkha that she does not need to be concerned about anything till they are together with Anuj.

Anuj is at Anupama’s side and adds that he has no requirements as long as she is there. Ankush claims that Anupama has a lot of other things to attend to. Anuj thinks Anupama is capable of managing anything. Anupama questions Rakhi about her well-being.

Rakhi says, “Maybe,” and glances at Paritosh. Leela reprimands Anu for dropping a flower dish, which was Anu’s responsibility. She accuses Anu of being too close to the infant on many occasions. Anu holds Anupama and cries.

Anu arrived to help Meenu and informed everyone that the dish she was carrying had fallen to the ground. She claims that Anu had previously made an attempt to stop her, but it was she who wanted to lavish the baby with flowers. Leela stood shocked. Anupama tells Leela that she reprimanded Anu without first gaining a complete understanding of the situation.

She said that while they confirmed that children should interact with infants, Leela falsely accused Anu of something. According to Anupama, making a mistake is possible for anybody of any age, not only children. Kinjal and Vanraj, Anupama. Hasmuk begs Leela to now speak.

He becomes enraged. Leela offers Anu her sincere apology and assures her that, although her words may have been harsh, her intentions are good. She comforts Anu and Meenu with hugs and begs them not to ruin the day. Barkha tries to provoke Anuj and brings to light that Leela did not communicate with Meenu in any way.

According to Ankush, Meenu is their very own. Anuj sits down. The naming ceremony for Kinjal’s newborn child has begun. They provide suggestions for a name for the child.

Anupama and Vanraj pronounce the same name, “Arya. Everyone well received the word that Anupama and Vanraj came up with. According to Rakhi, the fact that Anupama and Vanraj settled on the same name is said to be a link. Anupama and Vanraj offer each other a thumbs-up and a high-five.

After some time, Anupama learns that Paritosh has been having an affair with another woman. Anupama questions Vanraj about whether everything is in order. Anupama nods. Baby is the object of Paritosh’s undying affection.

He looks forward to a bright and happy life with her. Anupama was determined to confess to Paritosh. She feigns innocence and then forces him to leave the house against his will. Adhik’s mother decided to take a photo of Adhik holding the infant.

Samar alerts Pakhi. Adhik wants Samar to forgive Adhik like Vanraj. Leela converses with the women of society and asks them to find a girl for Samar. Rakhi speculated as to whether or not Anupama was aware of the reality.