Anupama 14th Sep Written Update β€” Rakhi’s Request to Anupama

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In order to protect Kinjal and their unborn child, Rakhi begs Anupama to conceal the truth about Paritosh from her. An upset Anupama does not want Kinjal to experience the same difficulties that she faced.


Get the written update for the freshly released episode of the readable show Anupama presented on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Rakhi’s Request to Anupama is the tag of the just-out episode number S1 E682.


In the episode that aired today, Anupama loses her temper and remarks that a guy who has difficulty brewing a cup of tea is free to make excuses all day long. Because they cannot change the past, Paritosh requests that Anupama refrain from giving him advice. He pleads with Anupama not to ruin his family the way she did. Anupama overhears Paritosh telling her that his daughter has just come and that she should leave him alone. He says he has gone beyond what he has done in the past.

Paritosh begs Anupama to relax. He pleads with Anupama to maintain her silence and not upset his family. Anupama inquires as to whether or not Paritosh wants her to conceal the reality from Kinjal. The response from Paritosh is that he has him right. He requests that Anupama get herself together and come with him to the naming ceremony.

Rakhi overhears the conversation that Paritosh and Anupama are having. The conversation continues with Paritosh pleading with Rakhi to explain to Anupama why it is best if she keeps quiet. He fixes himself and attends the naming ceremony. Before lighting the lamp, Samar inquires Paritosh as to whether or not he was preparing it. Samar receives a signal from Paritosh.

Leela asks about Anupama. Paritosh says Anupama will come shortly. Kinjal asks about Rakhi. According to Paritosh, Anupama was giving him a lecture on being responsible, and Rakhi joined her later on in the class. Leela says Anupama delivers lengthy talks.

Anuj inquires of Paritosh on the status of anything else. He gives a little nod. Barkha informs Ankush that she has the uneasy feeling that something is amiss. Rakhi requests Anupama to listen to her once. She claims that after realizing the truth, she was furious, but she kept her composure to protect Kinjal and Arya.

Anupama inquires of Rakhi about her desire to remain hidden. Rakhi nods. She requested Anupama that the facts be concealed from Kinjal. The argument does not persuade Anupama. Rakhi claims that a single point would bring down Kinjal and Arya, and as a result, they have no choice except to conceal the truth.

According to Anupama, they are unable to violate Kinjal’s confidence easily. Rakhi warns Anupama that Kinjal will be damaged and begs her to keep the secret from her. The Shahs participate in the game. Anupama is concerned that Kinjal may have feelings of betrayal if she finds out the truth at a later date. Rakhi delivers Kinjal and Arya’s pledge to Anupama to prevent Anupama from disclosing the truth about Paritosh.

Anupama breaks down. When she thinks back to what Paritosh said, she can’t help but feel repulsed. Anupama was emotionally overcome as she watched the Shahs enjoy the naming ceremony. She yells pretty loudly as she thinks of Vanraj’s betrayal and their divorce. Anupama wonders whether or not she would be able to prevent Kinjal from becoming another version of herself.

She solemnly swears that she will avoid Kinjal from becoming into Anupama.