Anupama 15th Sep Written Update β€” Anupama Exposes Paritosh

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When Paritosh displays his fake dedication to Kinjal and their infant, Anupama lashes out at him. She accuses him of being unfaithful. In her rage, she exposes him to the family by telling them the truth about his behaviour.

Get to read the written update for the freshly published article of the beautiful TV broadcast Anupama delivered on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Anupama Exposes Paritosh is the subtitle of the groovy episode number S1 E683.


In today’s episode, Meenu inquires about Dolly’s possibility of retrieving sugar floss. Hasmuk claims that if Jignesh had been there, he would have made a beeline for the floss the moment he arrived. Anu claims that she, too, is interested in having Anu is stopped by Barkha, who informs her that the sugar floss sold along the road is not good for her. Ankush tells Barkha not to worry about it since all children go through the experience of using floss at some point. Meenu and Anu depart.

Arya chose to keep a pet name for Paritosh. Samara explains that he must first have the name authorised by them before he can use it. Paritosh has said that he would refer to Arya affectionately as Pari. Shahs appreciated the name. Anupama gets a flashback.

Rakhi has expressed their belief that Anupama’s silence is beneficial to them. A confession of love is made by Paritosh to Kinjal. He urges her to have faith in him even if he gets home later than expected. Kinjal is given the assurance by Paritosh that he will battle alongside the world for the sake of his wife and daughter. Then Kinjal becomes pleased.

Anupama advises Paritosh to maintain a healthy dose of shame. Rakhi makes an effort to hide Anupama. She makes many attempts to lead Anupama to the room. Rakhi is halted, and Shah asks Anupama about the motivation for her anger. When Shahs urges Anupama to stand up and explain why she yelled, Rakhi responds that nothing has occurred.

Kinjal requests Rakhi to stop. She inquires about what took place with Anupama. Anupama apologised to Kinjal. Anupama is asked to share her thoughts by Anuj, Vanraj, Leela, and a few others. Anupama is asked by Barkha to speak out rather than maintain her silence.

According to Anupama, when a mother provides something to a kid, the mother forgets whether or not the child will accept it since it is all dependent on the child. Anupama informs Kinjal about the message that she wishes to pass on. Anupama claims that she has come to deeply regret having given birth to Paritosh. She goes on to say that since Paritosh isn’t feeling even the slightest bit guilty, she regrets it more. Leela interrogates Anupama about the nonsense that she is babbling.

She requests that Rakhi bring Anupama inside since she is clearly not in her right mind. Leela is warned by Anupama that if she learns the truth about Paritosh, she will have the same feelings for him as she does now. Vanraj claims Anupama and Rakhi are concealing something. He inquires as to what the issue is with Paritosh. Paritosh says nothing.

Anupama becomes enraged with Paritosh because he has sinned and is carelessly attempting to cover it up. She brings Paritosh’s act to light. Kinjal stands astonished. Rakhi questions Anupama about the reason why she informed everyone despite the fact that she had warned her. In his defence, Paritosh says the following: Anupama gets enraged at Paritosh.

Kinjal asks Paritosh whether Rakhi and Anupama are telling the truth. Kinjal is asked by Paritosh to think that he loves her. Kinjal approaches Paritosh with a request to take an oath for their daughter. Keep your mouth shut, Paritosh. Vanraj begs Paritosh to speak up.

Anupama believes Paritosh is making an issue of his romance. Paritosh receives a smack from Anupama after he insists that he is innocent of the crime. According to Rakhi, Paritosh is following in the footsteps of Vanraj. The Shahs are in a state of shock. Kinjal cries.