Anupama 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Anupama Feels Guilty

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Kinjal is left in a state of terror when Anuj suffers a brain injury and Arya almost dies from choking on her toy. After some time has passed, Anupama begins to feel guilty and blames herself for the unfortunate events that transpired.


Get to read the written update for the most recent installment of the delectable TV broadcast Anupama circulated on Friday, 23rd September 2022. Anupama Feels Guilty is the label of the up-to-date episode number S1 E690.


In today’s episode, Bakha tells Kinjal that Paritosh will continue to betray her. She says that Vanraj’s blood is Paritosh. Barkha asks Kinjal to divorce Paritosh and continue her life, as Anupama has done. Kinjal informs Barkha that she no longer wants to discuss Paritosh. Barkha tells Kinjal she may approach her if she wants to chat.

Anuj asks Anupama what she is doing through a video call. Anupama informs Anuj that she will meet him outside her painting lesson. Anuj arrives, sobbing, and tells Kinjal that Arya’s neck has been choked. She sees Anupama on video conference and invites her to return home. Anupama advises Kinjal to pat Arya on the back.

Kinjal invites Anupama to return. Samar gets chastised by Leela for abandoning Paritosh at his friend’s place. She requests that Samar transport her to Paritosh. Leela is also enraged with Kinjal for leaving home. Vanraj asks that Leela let Kinjal cool down before they continue their conversation.

Leela requests that Vanraj return Paritosh before it is too late. She claims Paritosh made the error, but he may be pardoned. Leela asks that Vanraj fetch Paritosh. Kinjal sobs and urges Anuj to contact Anupama since Arya is sobbing nonstop. Anuj decides to get Anupama.

He trips and falls. Anupama returns and is taken aback to discover Anuj lying on the floor. She becomes anxious when she sees Arya. Anu questions Anupama about what happened to Anuj. Anupama is sobbing.

Paritosh dials Vanraj’s number. He asks Vanraj why he was pardoned, and no one forgives him for the same error. Paritosh questions Vanraj on why it is so simple for parents to kick their children out of the family. Keep quiet, Vanraj. He tells Paritosh that Anupama and he damaged his life and that he is now going to do something great.

Vanraj is tense. Paritosh contemplates suicide. Anupama sobs, believing she has failed as a mother, mother-in-law, and wife. She is remorseful. Anuj and Kinjal want Anupama not to feel guilty.

Anupama tears uncontrollably. Anupama is consoled by Anuj. Vanraj inquired about Paritosh with Anupama. He conceals the facts and advises Anupama not to worry. Vanraj’s fantasy Samar informed him about Paritosh’s suicide.

Back to reality, Samar assures Vanraj that Paritosh is alright. Vanraj is concerned about Paritosh. Leela overhears Vanraj and Samar conversing. Anupama was put to sleep by Anuj and Kinjal. Kinjal decides to leave home.

Anuj persuades her to remain. Anupama thinks about her obligations while sleeping. Anuj informs Anupama about Sunday. Leela prepares to tell her ancestors farewell and explains pritpaksh to Kavya.