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Get the written update for the popular webisode of the delightful TV show Bahut Pyar Karte Hain proclaimed on Wednesday, 06 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Meet Superstar Ritesh Malhotra is the name of the freshly published episode number S1 E1.

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Ritesh Malhotra, a dashing superstar, is enthusiastic about his upcoming movie, Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai. Can he win hearts after the release of his most recent film?


Rajendra, an elderly man, is assaulted by Mahesh at the beginning of the show, and he is then pushed outside. Indu screams at Mahesh, “How dare he! ” and then runs to her father, Rajendra. He goes inside and invites his family in.

Indu makes her father sit on the side of the road while she gets in the car or another form of transportation. She sobs. A car approaches but does not stop. She tries in vain to stop the car.

She cries out for help and collapses on the street. It is heavily raining. A second car arrives. Indu requests aid from the driver.

She asks the driver to take her father to the hospital after putting him in the car with the driver’s assistance. She is urged not to worry by the auto driver. I had forgotten that if the price is not paid for the dreams, then it hurts, according to Indu, who believes that when she left Mumbai, she believed life would be perfect and all of my dreams would come true. As she thinks, a Facebook appears.

While it is raining, she is walking on the road. Ritesh Malhotra, a movie star, gets out of his car and approaches the billboard for his movie, “bohot pyaar karte hai. ” I’ll photograph every one of my hoardings, he says. He exits the car after noticing the girl shivering in the rain.

He advanced on Indu. He was urged to stop by his friend Rahul. Ritesh advances on Indu. She is gathering her belongings off the road.

Ritesh chooses her umbrella and hands it to her. He is about to see her when Rahul enters and removes him. Ritesh observes her as he moves. As he walks away, she turns to him and thanks him.

When Rajendra calls, Indu responds that she will be there. Rajendra is preparing meals. Your grinder is very old, “says Sunita when she arrives. Indu and he are travelling to Bhopal, so he says it is from Bob Ji and that he is making breakfast to send right away.

He claims to have baked chawal ki roti. According to Sunita, it will taste bad in the morning. A few things, he claims, improve with time, like you. Indu arrives and apologises.

How will you handle delivery? “Sunita queries. Indu claims that she informed a person who would bring the vehicle. When she enters the space, she observes Anjali watching TV.

Anjali observes Ritesh Malhotra conducting an interview on television. Ritesh claims that his parents taught him the meaning of love. For him, love is life, he claims. Indu believes Mahesh taught her the meaning of love.

Ritesh is questioned about how he defines love by the interviewer. According to Indu, it is strawberry cake with fresh cream. He adds the same thing. Among salted popcorn, according to Indu, caramel popcorn is the best.

The same, he says. She claims Meera’s simplicity and Radha’s devotion are responsible. The same, he says. Anjali is taken aback.

She claims it is the smell of wet sand after a rain. The same, he says. After hearing him say the same things twice, Indu turns to the television and looks at him. Indu will deliver the food later in his friend’s car.

Sunita claims that because Mahesh moved to London two years ago, Indu never met him. Rajendra claims to be a member of our family. He requests that she have sugar-free treats. I can’t have it until Indu gets married, according to Sunita.

Indu is upset about you and believes that I will run into you in Bhopal in two years. She imagines Mahesh as she smiles and rings the customer’s bell. The customer receives tiffin from her. A song is played.

She smiles as she envisions Mahesh riding the bike. Indu’s friend requests money for gas from her. She claims that you use CNG and begs me for money for gas. She invites him to leave.

Neelam inquires as she arrives there. Where did he go? According to Indu, he parked the car. According to Neelam, she was unaware of her son.

She enters the house after requesting sugar. To save the marriage, she requests that they meet Mahesh. She discusses a character who betrayed the girl. Mahesh, according to Indu, won’t desert me.

According to Neelam, Indu and Mahesh’s love is the definition of love. Ritesh is working out. Rahul, one of his friends, shows up and wears candy on his head. Ritesh inquires about the box office.

According to his friend, the first show is at 9:30. He claims to have visited every temple, dargah, and gurudwara. Your movie will work, he predicts. He is asked by Ritesh to contact the distributor.

Rahul is asked if he showed the photos of the hoarding. Rahul promises to appear. Rajendra is tasked by Sunita with completing the engagement and leaving with the ring. Okay, says Rajendra.

Rajendra and Indu arrive at Mahesh’s home and exit the car. Rajendra speculates that Mahesh’s birthday may be celebrated with a lavish party. He invites Indu to visit and offers to surprise him with the greatest gift of his life. The girls express their desire to speak with Mahesh to the security guard.

Rajendra is asked to sit down by Mahesh’s wife, who adds, “He told me about you. ” She is introduced to Indu by Rajendra. According to his wife, I heard a lot about Indu. Indu queries when he arrived.

His wife mentions last week and shares that their wedding took place last week. Indu drops the glass to the ground in shock. She turns to face Rajendra. When Mahesh arrives, he inquires, “Who has come?” Rajendra’s uncle and Indu, according to his wife, are from Mumbai. His wife is sent to meet Mom. She invites them to eat and leaves. “What the hell are you doing here?” Mahesh asks Indu as he pulls her to the side. I came to meet you, Indu claims. She claims that when you returned from London, you were about to marry me. Mahesh claims that you are thinking like a villager and that he used to speak to you politely because I once lodged in your home.

He insults her and claims that his wife, whom he met in London, is wealthy and elegant. He describes her as being in desperate need of marriage. Rajendra keeps an eye on everything but loses his temper. He assaults Mahesh. Rajendra is pushed aside and beaten by Mahesh. Rajendra trips and falls on the stairs. FB closes. As she drives Rajendra to the hospital, Indu apologises to him.

When the distributor called, Rahul informed Ritesh. Rahul receives a call from Jitesh informing him of the opening sum. 22 crores, according to Rahul. Ritesh becomes joyful. Rahul tells him to unwind. He asserts that love is always right. According to Indu, love entails betrayal, destruction, etc. He asserts that the joy and colour of life are found in love. She claims it’s a sea of tears.