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Let’s enjoy the written update for the most recently published episode of the enticing TV serial Bahut Pyar Karte Hain pronounced on Wednesday, 20 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Zoon Gets Overjoyed is the tag of the trend-setting episode number S1 E11.

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Zoon is delighted to meet Ritesh at his home. Ritesh, on the other hand, is taken aback when Zoon makes an unexpected request of him.


The episode begins with Kaamna scolding Yogesh and telling him that she plainly told him that Ritesh had a lily allergy. Yogesh expresses regret. Vivek arrives and apologises to her. She chastises him and tells him, “You’re the third-rate event management guy who requested us to pitch your company. ” She claims that Ritesh is particular about his preferences, stating that he dislikes the colour pink and that there would be no flowers.

Vivek suggests that I modify the dΓ©cor. Kaamna mocks him and threatens to sell him in the chor bazaar. A servant arrives and hands the phone to Kaamna. Kaamna instructs Vivek to carry out her instructions. She answers Ritesh’s phone call and speaks politely to him.

Ritesh inquires as to whom you are yelling. Ritesh responds, “I know you yell while planning the celebration. ” He expresses gratitude to her. I’ll say I love you when she says it. I love you, he says.

She inquires as to when he will arrive. He claimed to have another theatre appointment. Kaamna says she learned about the incident and advises him to be cautious. He promises to return after his last theatre visit. Zoon requests that Indu agree, but she refuses.

Rajendra inquires whether I should serve the dish. Sunita says their drama will continue and that she will treat Indu with drugs. Zoon’s eyes well up with tears as she applies medicine to Indu. Sunita is taken aback to see her in distress. Zoon inquires as to whether Indu is uncomfortable.

Indu embraces her. Sunita enters the kitchen. Indu’s bhabhi Asha inquires, “Did you get sad when you saw Zoon crying? ” Sunita believes Zoon and Indu’s relationship, love, and feelings are beyond her comprehension, and that they are more profound and powerful than blood relations. According to Asha, all relationships are not based on blood.

Sunita asks what happens if her mother or father arrives? We will fight for her, adds Asha, for she is the house’s daughter. She is wondering if you can leave Zoon behind. Sunita sheds a tear and says, “I can live without Zoon since she is not my daughter,” but Indu is. She claims Zoon is preventing Indu from progressing.

Asha claims to be a family member just like us. Sunita claims that we did not jeopardise Indu’s future like she did. She claims that, as a mother, she cannot envision her life becoming stagnant. She requests that she keep the bowl on the table. Asha goes and runs into Vivek.

Vivek gives her a friendly smile. Asha pulls the dish from his grasp and declares, “I must have it. ” Vivek apologises and says you would have fallen. Relax, she adds, everything is great. Vivek takes a glance at her.

Asha leaves. The song plays. . “Dil kyun yeh mera. ” Asha inquires if I should keep a plate for you as well.

Vivek nods and smiles. Kaamna informs the guards that this is Ritesh’s private party and that if anyone else arrives who is not on the guest list, she would not leave anyone out. Vivek tells Sunita and others about Kaamna, whom everyone refers to as Hitler. Indu arrives with Zoon. Vivek orders Zoon to sit.

He claims I was discussing Ritesh’s party. Zoon inquires if he is referring to Ritesh. He claims that his firm is throwing him a success party. Zoon asks Indu whether she can accompany her. No, says Indu.

Vivek is signed by Zoon. Vivek tries to persuade Indu to accompany him. She inquires as to who will do your task if you babysit. Workers, he claims, do all of the work. Zoon inquires about Indu.

Okay, go, “says Indu. According to Vivek, I will add your name to the guest list. Vivek and Zoon arrive at Ritesh’s place. Zoon exclaims, “Wow,” and looks around at the house and television. Vivek claims that a superstar’s mansion is only like this.

Vivek instructs her to speak quietly and forces her to sit on the stairwell. He requests that she remain silent until he completes the task. Zoon inquires as to when Ritesh will arrive. Vivek says, “in a while. She claims to have brought him chocolate.

He inquires whether Ritesh will consume it. She responds, “Yes” and claims to know everything there is to know about him and that she reads articles as well. Ritesh arrives home and tells Rahul to get ready. He addresses the attendees and invites them to bring cake and refreshments for their children’s parties. The guard recognises him as a star.

Ritesh enters and notices the decorations, remarking that it is a mind-blowing party. He is taken aback when he sees Zoon sleeping on the steps and recalls protecting her. She is on the verge of collapsing while sleeping. He places his palm on her head and begs Santosh to provide a cushion. Ritesh, says Zoon as he wakes up.

Ritesh claims I awoke. Zoon apologises for sleeping at his residence. She presents him with chocolate. She claims it has melted. Ritesh eats it and forces her to try it.

She claims she wants to take a selfie with him but does not have a phone. Vivek arrives and inquires whether she is bothering you. Ritesh declines and inquires, “Who are you? ” Vivek claims that my employer is organising the celebration. Ritesh apologises, saying, “I have chocolate in my hand.” Vivek hands him a Kleenex. Ritesh inquires as to if she is your daughter. Vivek claims to be your biggest fan. Ritesh inquires about her mother’s whereabouts. Vivek claims to be in charge.

Ritesh claims her mother abandoned her with a neighbour. According to Vivek, we are family friends. Ritesh describes her as an irresponsible mother. Vivek inquires if you said anything. No, says Ritesh.

He invites Zoon to join him for chocolate. He raises Zoon and forces her to sit on the chair in front of the dining table. Zoon requests that you assist him. Ritesh claims that I am a genie who can do everything. Zoon requests that he look for Papa. Ritesh agrees, believing that her mother is unaware of how much her daughter misses her papa.