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Enjoy the written update for the different installments of the stimulating television broadcast Bahut Pyar Karte Hain brought on Thursday, 21 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Visits Ritesh is the caption of the most recently released episode number S1 E12.

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When Kamna discovers Zoon at Ritesh’s party, she becomes enraged. Indu inadvertently enters Ritesh’s bedroom and is astonished to discover something odd.


The episode begins with Ritesh assuring Zoon that because he is a genie, he can do anything. Zoon inquires, “Can you search for my papa? ” He asks what you want besides Papa, croissants, burgers, chips, etc. She says everything. He approaches Santosh and requests that he give her everything she requests.

Indu believes she must leave early, but she has additional tasks. Payal arrives and claims to have made an entry in the file. Indu expresses gratitude to her. Payal looks at Ritesh’s photo and says, “I didn’t realise you were also a fan of his. ” Indu says she requested Zoon and asks her to look at the picture they gave her.

She claims that celebrities are self-obsessed, so how can she give this photo to Zoon? Payal requests that she retain it for herself. Indu says she had to leave since she had too much work. She claims that she needs to travel to Ritesh Malhotra’s place to pick up Zoon. Payal inquires about Zoon’s presence.

Yes, says Indu. Payal, according to Payal, watches all of his movies, and Ritesh sent her this photo for her mother. She claims to have located Zoon’s father. Indu describes himself as a superstar, and I am an RTO officer. She claims that we have no relationship.

Payal said that connections like these happen and that she has been wearing the special garland since the morning. Ritesh throws it again, and Indu discovers it has fallen on her neck. She removes it. Payal invites her to accompany her and promises to complete her assignment. Indu inquires, “Are you sure?” She agrees. Indu walks away. Payal believes Indu and Zoon are deserving of Ritesh. Kaamna sees Zoon and becomes enraged. She chastises Vivek for telling him she is his friend’s daughter.

Kaamna inquires as to whether a public feast is being held here, as you have brought her here. She abuses Vivek and threatens to deduct the plate rate from his salary. Ritesh, according to Zoon, asked me for food. Kaamna claims he may have observed you hungry and allowed you to eat. People like you prey on Ritesh’s innocence.

Vivek says she’s a little girl, so I’ll take her. Kaamna approaches the journalist, who informs her that she wishes to conduct Ritesh’s interview today. Kaamna said she would speak with Rahul today. According to the reporter, Patel Maa stated that if you get us Ritesh’s exclusive interview, she will put Sameer on the cover of the magazine. Kaamna says, “I’ll get the job done,” and asks her to send a replacement reporter so he doesn’t become furious.

Okay, says the reporter. Kaamna leaves. Vivek notices her. Zoon inquires as to why she became enraged. Vivek tells her to ignore her conversations and to take a selfie with Ritesh before heading home with Moj, who is expected.

Indu arrives at Ritesh’s place. The guard stops her since her name does not appear on the visitor list. The other guard requests that the guards release her because Vivek told him about her. Indu goes inside and accidentally enters Ritesh’s bedroom. She sees his photo and believes she is in Ritesh Malhotra’s room.

She hears a disturbance coming from the restroom and sees Ritesh emerge. She flees, hiding behind his wardrobe. He dials a number and asks, “Where is my shirt? ” The man says I sent it. Ritesh’s movie heroine brings him his shirt.

Ritesh accepts it and thanks you. Shivangi, what are you doing here? He asks. Shivangi says she brought your shirt; do you have any issues? Ritesh tells her it’s not her job and tells her to go enjoy the party.

She tries to embrace him. He pushes her back. She questions why he isn’t interested in her, despite the fact that many actors are rooting for her. Ritesh wonders why she is following him and whether she loves him. She responds, “Yes, I adore you.” He says he doesn’t want this love that will end soon and is looking for true love. Many people may assume I’m having affairs, but I don’t want casual affairs; I want true love like my parents. He claims you are unaware of my existence. Shivangi describes you as gorgeous, hot, and accomplished, with a strong work ethic. He claims to be aware of Movie Star but is unaware of Ritesh.

He inquires as to what you know about Ritesh, who hasn’t spoken to his mother in years and longs to hug her and rest his head on her lap. He claims you are unfamiliar with him, who lost his father when he was six years old. He claims he has various fears, is unable to sleep at night, and cannot talk to Papa alone. He claims you don’t know who I am. “Stop embarrassing yourself,” he urges.

He contacts Rahul and informs him that Shivangi is looking for a bathroom. Shivangi informs Ritesh that he was talking rubbish because he was successful and that his ego would soon break. Indu hears everything. Ritesh goes to his wardrobe to find Indu. He takes his pants off and puts them on.

Ritesh looks for his belt and takes it from beneath Indu’s feet. Indu’s hand is on her mouth. Ritesh gets ready and leaves. Indu leaps from the closet and declares, “I’m not sure if there’s any truth in your words, but I thought you were a decent person; don’t change, be like this. ” She exits his room and considers her next move.

She grabs her dupatta and puts it on. She notices Ritesh’s mother coughing and inquires if you require anything. Ritesh’s mother is still coughing. Indu asks if I may offer you some water. She pours water into the glass and motions for her to take it.

She suddenly realises she is paralysed and forces herself to swallow water. A servant appears and inquires as to who you are and what you are doing here. Indu claims she was leaving when she noticed her coughing and made her drink water. The servant claims to be Ritesh Sir’s mother and has been disabled for many years. She couldn’t make out anything.

Indu claims that if she has been acting this way for years, she must be living for someone; she may understand everything, but you do not. She requests that she accompany her to a family occasion. She keeps her hand on his mother’s and adds, “Nice to meet you. ” Ritesh’s mother holds her dupatta and smiles. Indu gives her a look.