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Read the written update for the most recently published sequence of the involving TV drama Bahut Pyar Karte Hain introduced on Friday, 22 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh’s Dazzling Party is the name of the just-released episode number S1 E13.

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Indu locates Zoon, but she asks to remain at the party until Ritesh’s performance. The incredible performance by Malhotra during the celebration rocked the stage.


The episode begins with Indu holding Ritesh’s mother’s hand and saying, “Glad to meet you. ” His mother is wearing a dupatta. Indu turns around and notices Zoon holding her dupatta. She informs Ritesh’s mother that her dupatta gets caught everywhere, and that it was held by someone many years ago, and that she now has the strongest relationship with her. She apologises and says it is now lodged in your fingers.

She runs out to call Vivek, but his phone number is not answered. Kaamna notices her and wonders, “Who is she? ” and wonders who she’s contacting because security has stolen everyone’s phones. When a visitor calls, Kaamna becomes preoccupied with him. Indu inquires about Vivek and departs.

Kaamna searches for her and wonders where she has gone. Ritesh searches for Zoon and wonders where she has gone. Chachu dials Ritesh’s number. He congratulates him on his smashing success. Ritesh praises him and says that this would not have been possible if Kaamna di, Sameer, Vivaan, and you hadn’t been here and handled the business after dad.

He promises to make you meet someone. Ritesh meets writer Bhushan and recalls his father telling him that writers are the life of the film. He considers writers to be the backbone of our industry. That, according to Bhushan, is why you are a superstar. Ritesh claims that he hasn’t heard your script.

Chachu claims to have heard his script and approves of it. Indu walks right by Ritesh. Ritesh becomes preoccupied with something and arranges a meeting with him. He says he’s looking for a female. Zoon informs Indu of Kaamna.

Vivek claims I handled her well. Indu informs Zoon that Ritesh has pledged to look for my papa. According to Indu, you can say whatever you want. Zoon has stated that she will pursue the selfie. No, says Indu.

Vivek invites Indu to stay for a while because the Malhotra family’s performance is about to begin. Indu nods and informs you that Bob ji made Pulao for you today. Zoon was overjoyed. Rajendra requests that Sunita try the pulawo. He inquires as to what transpired.

Sunita informs us that the 4th floor tenant did not contact us for the function. What’s the big deal, Rajendra says? You will not comprehend, according to Vivek’s mother. Rajendra enters the house. People are speculating that Zoon is the illegitimate kid of Mahesh and Indu, according to Vivek’s mother.

Sunita is concerned. Asha approaches Vivek’s mother and inquires as to what she is saying. Vivek’s mother requests that she not meddle and departs. Rajendra instructs Sunita to disregard her conversations. Sunita believes Vivek’s mother is correct.

Rajendra claims you did not allow Indu to formally adopt Zoon. Sunita claims that Indu and Zoon will understand. Rahul enters the room. Ritesh looks for his phone. Ritesh Malhotra greets the visitors and informs them that this is a successful party for him.

She begs everyone to keep their hearts open while the Malhotras put on a wonderful performance. Ritesh is joined by Kamana, Pankaj, Vivaan, Sameer, Dolly, and Deep Malhotra. Pankaj turns to face Kaamna. Shakuntala Malhotra (Ritesh’s mother) is brought there by Kaamna. Ritesh smiles as he glances at her.

Everyone lauds their performance. Vivek informs Indu about Ritesh’s mother, who has been in a wheelchair for several years. Indu explains that whoever’s life appears great from a distance has problems when we look closer, and that money cannot buy happiness. This is the fourth film to gross 200 crores, according to Kaamna. Ritesh expresses gratitude to him.

According to Kaamna, we will pray for you to become a Hollywood superstar as well. He embraces her. She requests that the guests enjoy themselves during the party. Sameer becomes agitated. The reporter arrives at Ritesh’s place and introduces himself as a journalist.

The guard requests his identification. He claims to have forgotten. She claims she can’t let him in. Indu informs Zoon that they will depart and that she will book a cab. She makes Zoon sit and checks for network connectivity.

Kaamna approaches and takes her hand in hers, wondering who she is. She threatens her with eviction and demands that she disclose her phone. Indu inquires whether you believe I am the thief. Vivek arrives and informs her that she is not a guest and that we allowed her to enter on purpose. Kaamna threatens to dismiss him, claiming that if he loses this job, no employer will hire him and he will be seen carrying the bowl and begging. Indu is taken aback by her vulgar words.