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Enjoy the written update for the up-to-the-minute sequence of the pleasurable TV serial Bahut Pyar Karte Hain ventilated on Saturday, 30 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh Gets Arrested is the pseudonym of the ultra-modern episode number S1 E18.

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Zoon leaves the house without alerting the Rainas and goes to Ritesh’s house. Later, the police arrive with an arrest warrant for Ritesh and arrest him.


The episode begins with Zoon walking down the street. An automobile driver smiles at her. He climbs down and pulls out his umbrella. Zoon inquires about superstar Ritesh Malhotra’s residence. The car driver inquires if she is alone.

She agrees. He promises to take you to Superstar’s house. Zoon says he can’t accompany you since Moj says he won’t go with strangers. He befriends her and invites her to Ritesh’s place. He claims that we are both Ritesh lovers.

Zoon is sitting in the car. The vehicle driver informs Zoon that he is taking a shortcut. Anjali informs Rajendra and Sunita that Zoon has arrived and that we have created a paper microphone to tell everyone that Ritesh is a wonderful guy. She planned to start with Nikhil’s house. Rajendra chastises her.

Sunita and Anjali set out to find Zoon. Asha phones Indu and informs her that Zoon has left the house. Indu is taken aback. Rahul becomes concerned and calls Pankaj to inform him that the police have arrived. The inspector invites Ritesh to accompany him.

The drug officer presents Ritesh with the arrest warrant and tells him that if his lawyer wants, he can petition for bail. Ritesh requests that the inspector pay attention. They did not listen to him and whisked him away. Rahul also tries to communicate with them. Rajendra calls and inquires about Zoon.

Indu returns home and goes in search of Zoon. Sunita tells Neighbor that enough is enough, that she is Indu’s mother, and that she cannot talk trash about her daughter. She said it takes a lot of guts to adopt a girl whose mother abandoned her. She claims that nice things will happen to her, but that it will take time. She promises her neighbours that she will marry in a month.

Indu overhears and inquires, “What are you saying? ” Sunita claims they were gossiping about you, which is why I kept my lips shut. Indu inquires as to whether you discovered Zoon. Sunita says no and that you will not have her. Moj introduces Indu as his daughter.

Rajendra appears and informs you that someone wishes to speak with you. The auto driver informs Indu that he wishes to discuss Zoon. A man places a slipper on Ritesh’s head. Ritesh is ashamed and hurt. The fans requested that his bail be denied.

Zoon inquires of the driver as to when the people will go. In a while, the vehicle driver says. Indu and Vivek arrive. Indu recognises Zoon in the car and embraces her. She claims I was looking for you.

Zoon has a fever, and Indu decides to take her to the doctor. Yes, says Vivek. Zoon claims she does not want to go. Indu claims she refused to listen to her. She expresses gratitude to the driver of the car.

The auto driver says she is a big fan and mentioned you working in the RTO office to me. He walks away. Zoon claims she needs to ask Ritesh if he searched for her father. We’re heading to the doctor, according to Indu. According to the reporter, Ritesh Malhotra has been apprehended by the police.

Zoon says, “Ritesh has been arrested by the police,” and cries, “How will he search my papa now? ” Indu assures her that she need not be concerned and that they will first visit the doctor. Zoon passes out and asks her to summon the genie, Ritesh. Ritesh is brought to the police station in the same manner as a hardened criminal, and his head mask is removed. He claims that this door will be closed and that everyone will enter through the back door.

Rahul arrives and informs Ritesh that he was unable to obtain bail for him because the court was closed. He insists that you stay here overnight. He claims the lawyer will be released on bond in the morning. Ritesh stares at the lock up and wonders, “How long will I be here? ” Rahul says you have to give up your phone and other belongings just for tonight.

Ritesh gives him his phone and watches. A cop informs Ritesh that he wishes to take a picture. Ritesh is humiliated and in a lot of pain. Other officers arrive and take selfies with him. While unconscious, Zoon claims that Genie Ritesh is a good boy.

What is she saying, the doctor inquires? Indu claims to be referring to Ritesh Malhotra. The doctor inquires about the actor. She claims that she has seen fans do unusual things, but Zoon is more than just a fan; she regards him as a genie who can do anything and is certain that he would bring her Papa. She claims I cannot prescribe her medications since she is not ill.

She requests that they distract her. Indu claims it was all my fault, and that I should not have taken her to see movies. The doctor believes it was caused by her papa; she misses her papa and believes that genie Ritesh will return him to her. She walks away. Later, Vivek approaches Asha and asks, “Do you want me to help?” According to Asha, I was also keeping your plate. According to Vivek, I will assist you. He claims I frequently assist Mummy, despite her refusal to accept my assistance. According to Asha, Prashant used to say the same thing. According to Vivek, you deserve to live because you stopped living when Prashant left.

Indu expresses her exhaustion after whatever Zoon accomplished. Asha leaves. Indu learns from Vivek that the police are investigating and that Pankaj and Kaamna are accusing my company of He claims to be conducting the investigation. Asha invites her to join her for dinner. Then some ID cards fall out of Vivek’s pocket.

Indu wonders what all of this is about. Vivek says these are the waiters’ IDs and that he had spoken to everyone except one waiter, whose phone was turned off since he had gone to the village. Indu glances at the waiter’s photo in the ID and remembers him visiting the RTO office. Vivek claims to be a senior waiter. Indu observes.