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Get the written update for the newly released episode of the poignant show Bahut Pyar Karte Hain reported on Thursday, 07 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Demands Answers is the label of the groovy episode number S1 E2.

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Ritesh attends a party at Mansi and Mahesh’s house. However, Indu stops their celebration and challenges Mahesh with direct questions.


Rajendra is taken to the hospital by Indu at the beginning of the episode. She assures him that nothing will happen to him and asks him to remain alert. You’ll be fine, she assures you. He was brought to the ICU.

Indu sobs while sitting outside. Vivek and Anjali are informed by Sunita that Rajendra and Indu have not called her since they arrived. She is urged to relax and order vada pav by Vivek. She begs him to keep quiet or else she’ll lash out at him.

She claims that something occurred there. We should go watch Ritesh’s latest film, according to Anjali. Concerned for Indu and Rajendra, Sunita. Anjali declares that she is going to bed.

Indu’s life is about to change, so Vivek assures Sunita that she shouldn’t be concerned. The doctor examines Rajendra and inquires of Indu, “How did you get so hurt? ” Rajendra claims that I fell from the stairs. My doctor has ordered an MRI and an X-ray for me.

He says he will get Indu ready for the tests and asks him to pay the bill. Indu hands the front desk employee her insurance card and requests that she pay the bill. She is asked to sign the paperwork by the receptionist. When she receives a call, she answers it.

You both aren’t picking up the call, according to Sunita, who is on the line. According to Indu, Mahesh was fighting with us, which is why we chose not to bring you along. She claims Manoj consumed half of the candy box. She lies, and the receptionist hears.

When the caller asks when the happy ending will occur, Vivek answers. Indu sobs. I’ll speak with Mahesh, Vivek says. Indu tells him that he is dead to me and requests that he look after Sunita.

Incredulous, Vivek informs Sunita that Indu is spending time with Mahek. Sunita claims that she is a member of the party and tells Vivek that, despite having battled cancer, her family has prevented her from joining them. Vivek claims that is not how it is. Sunita claims that because I am her mother, I am aware that something terrible occurred there.

Indu receives the receipt from the front desk clerk. taken and placed in the purse by Indu. She keeps the ring behind after giving it some thought. She requests that the doctor receive the file from the patient and to begin the MRI.

She promises to return. Ritesh visits Mahesh and Mansi at their home. Upon seeing him, Mansi exclaims, “You are a hero. ” Your husband might be making a good living, according to Ritesh.

He is her pal. Rahul arrives and remarks that because she carefully selects her hairpins, her husband must be good. She promises to arrange for you two to meet her husband. Mahesh learns from Mansi that Ritesh was approached by many girls but turned them down.

She claims that he desires a simple Indian girl. Rahul claims that all girls want to be like me and that if I don’t become famous, they will leave. Rahul claims that God has stopped creating real girls. Mansi claims that God must be couriering a special item to him.

He claims that the delivery may be at the door. When Indu arrives, she yells for Mahesh. The guards hold her back. Mahesh and Mansi emerge.

Mansi claims that Indu is present. You were behind me at first, and now your wife is, according to Indu. Mahesh claims that you are still an old type, but I don’t care. Indu claims that if you had cared, you wouldn’t have assaulted the elderly man in Mumbai whom you referred to as your father, and you wouldn’t have offended me.

Mahesh inquires as to your emotions and wonders if you believe that I will follow you around like Ms. World. He also calls you a stupid and aimless young lady and wonders if falling in love with someone like you will change my destiny. She claims that I brought my Bobji here as a result of your false promises and that it was bad for my destiny that I loved you.

She also claims that you are cheap, vulgar, and a street guy. She declares, “I swear, I won’t leave you if anything happens to my Bob Ji. ” Mahesh requests that Shankar expel her. As per Indu, I’ll kill you.

Indu is informed by Mansi that guests have arrived and that we will speak tomorrow. She promises to bring the money and says she will donate it for her father’s medical care. Mahesh is acting as though she loves me for money, Mansi claims, and he asks her for the money. He asserts that she needs additional funding and that her home will not work with her father’s tiffin business.

You’re talking about money, according to Indu, who took cash out of my wallet to pay phone bills while staying in my home without paying rent and eating for free. He claims I went through a rough patch, but I’m not teasing you like you do. She claims that you are engaged in a larger game of humanity, love, etc. She thanks him for helping her realise that love is just a cover for lies and betrayal and says, “I’ve realised that the love I thought was my life is betrayal.” She claims that even though I have less money, I don’t live in debt. She takes the ring out of her purse after emptying it. She gives it to Mahesh and requests that he accept it in exchange for the money that he spent on her. One day, she promises, “I’ll smash your ego.

She is instructed to proceed by Mahesh. When he enters, he finds Rahul and Ritesh standing there and listening to them. Indu turns to face Mansi before leaving. Mansi is her given name.

Ritesh exits and observes her leaving. He moves to her rear. Mansi, Mahesh, and Rahul watch him follow her from behind. Indu sobs as she recalls Mahesh’s critical remarks.

She is being motioned to stop by Ritesh, who is following her. He tries to stop her, but she sits down and drives off. When Rahul arrives, he queries Ritesh about his destination. He wonders: Why did you start chasing after strange girls?

According to Ritesh, the girl is broken and has lost faith in love. He claims that Mahesh is a bloke and that nobody deserves this. The physician commends Indu for having her father treated in a foreign city. If we can take the bus, Indu asks.

The doctor confirms We have reserved tickets for tomorrow, according to Rajendra. Indu claims she doesn’t want to remain here for even a second. What is that, Ritesh asks Mahesh? Mahesh apologises and claims that she was looking for me because he was in Mumbai.

He claims that she came here after hearing about my engagement, is a disgusting type of girl, and is a gold digger. In Mumbai, he claims, I also made an effort to avoid her, and I didn’t see a girl that cheap who would do anything for money. When Ritesh notices a ring on the ground, he remarks that no one who wants money would ever throw a gold ring like this. He claims that if you weren’t Mansi’s husband, he would have interred you here.

He claims that even if your wife wanted to get her nails painted, she would still take 400 reviews. He queries whether she sought advice from others before agreeing to wed him. He claims that you are smarter than us and a top student. Why didn’t you look into his background?

he queries. I am an actor and know the difference between acting and reality, “he claims, adding that the girl’s tears were genuine. He claims that her life was destroyed by your psychotic husband. Mahesh tells him it is a private matter and requests that he keep quiet.

Ritesh says that Mansi should correct her error and leave this cheap man, and add that it is a personal matter. He asks Mansi to leave him and declares, “Once a cheater, always a cheater. When Mahesh becomes enraged, he strikes Ritesh. Pushing him, Ritesh warns him that if he doesn’t stop himself because of Mansi, everyone will forget about him. He was pushing Mahesh. Mahesh gives him a furious stare.